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Completing the map (finally) I feel like its much better for me to give my thoughts on the map and what I feel like this map did right and what could be improved on for next time (which I'll state as respectively as possible because I know how much work can be put into these maps)

313 days ago
An absolute amazing mod. its nice to see a 4th map released with this mod, it really brings in something new to the table of zombies.

Though sadly this mod greatly suffers from a graphical bug where the map and models would glitch out with stretched textures from off them. Or just random ...
321 days ago
Ok first off, Im really digging this map right off the bat. The whole boat/oil rig (?) theme is very well excucated here, and it seems like what we seeing isnt everything we getting in this map. Id love to do a whole run down when the ee is solved and all that to give a fair-er review. But overall, ...
337 days ago
Woah wait, I thought this was canceled ages ago!! Im so pleased to see that its finally released ^^ And does it sure deliver!

Seriously. The effort that was put into this is incredible, there is so much to say so I'll put these into bullet points

- Every area feels uni...
452 days ago
whenever I start the map my game crashes before it even loads the map menu, anybody knows why this is happening to me?

Got t4m?
1017 days ago
Great map. Just that one boss (red one) it flips you out of the map sometimes. thats so annoying

Yeah that's meant to happen, just train him with the zombies (Of course keeping a distance)...
1020 days ago


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