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whenever I start the map my game crashes before it even loads the map menu, anybody knows why this is happening to me?

Got t4m?
561 days ago
Great map. Just that one boss (red one) it flips you out of the map sometimes. thats so annoying

Yeah that's meant to happen, just train him with the zombies (Of course keeping a distance)...
564 days ago
Didn't you hear? Perish was cancelled because Hitman, the man himself, tripped on the mapfile and broke it :(

That Muppet should've looked where he was going...
566 days ago
I don't know what to do, the main menu works fine but right when I load up any map it crashes and shows in a consale this error message please get back[quote]

Did you by any chance download...
576 days ago
Do gotta say, I was very impressed of this map. Its not everyday there is a custom map with custom quotes (we all gotta have a break from the OH RAH quote, do we?) I enjoyed the difficulty and the choice of weaponry, nice details such as when your teleporting back from pap you get your own little po...
588 days ago
Am I correct, but did you say you were going to add the 'fists' as a secondary starting weapon?
593 days ago


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