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This is as good as you're going to get:

1612 days ago
I really like this map, and most of the features you've added, but could you please add an option to play with or without the boss and/or the crawlers? Panzar Soldier in pretty cool, but sometimes I could do without him and I don't know a single soul that loves the nova crawlers. Anyways great work  :)

I like them  :P
1613 days ago
Question I have  steam account but I have the WaW Game disk so how can I put the WaW game on my steam account without buying the game again???
1613 days ago
awesome looking map

When I first saw the name of this map I literally thought of Icarus from Sora no Otoshimon lol
1614 days ago
hey whats the name of the song in the main menu i freaking love it
1617 days ago
Not soon but within sight

Cool looking forward to it.
1631 days ago
the map looks pretty damn good. my only curiosity is how the heck do you leave the starting room???
1671 days ago
looks pretty damn good undeadmetal 8)
1707 days ago
The map is UGX Requiem.

WaW: ToxRichtofen
1749 days ago
hello there good sir :P
1749 days ago
Simply put it this form of "modding" doesn't work due to this with CD/DVD exe.

Ah ok then that makes sence. The downside to this is that my Laptop can't really run steam that well since I'm short on memory and my gaming PC broke down (thanks to a family member) and i have to buy a new set-up and I'm glad I backed up a lot of stuff on Flash Drives and Cloud Servers.
1749 days ago
ok I'm going to be honest here, I absolutely love what you did here because it gives the old maps a boost to add to the fun. :D ;D
1749 days ago
Why doesn't it work with the actual WaW game game disk and only works through the Steam version of the game?
1750 days ago
reminds e of the maze in the twilight forest mod lol
1757 days ago


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