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i have maya 2015 :)
and i have it intalled at when i start it up it doesn't so up. :'(
so i used the scrip editor and it work.  :D
but when i shut it down and start it up it doesn't show up >:(

I haven't tested it in Maya 2015, so I'm not sure it works. I asked someone who has maya 2015 if he can test it, so I'll tell you what he finds when he tests it. But it sounds like you messed up your usersetup.mel, I'm not sure what you did wrong though.

error a friend got with a simple cube

Looks like something is wrong with his UV map, because the error is happening when it tries to get the UVs off of a poly. I have no idea how to UV map stuff in Maya, so I'm not really sure how to fix that, sorry. Maybe try redoing them?
2062 days ago
Sorry that didn't work both options gave me an error:

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

That is very strange, the error doesn't make any sense. Try going to the MEL tab and putting in python("import CoDMayaTools"); , and then run it with the same arrow button. If you get still get the same error, I hate to say it but you might want to try reinstalling Maya. The error your getting is an indentation error, but the indentation is perfectly fine, which might mean something is wrong with Maya's Python.
2136 days ago
Hello members of UGX,

   I'm trying to get the CoDMayaTools to work on Maya 2012 x64. Just as the other people have posted before me. I do what the tutorial says to do but I don't see any button at the top of Maya.

Any help would be appreciated. I am new to Maya so maybe do I have to enable it in the window?

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

I'm not sure what's wrong, what you did should be working. But try this:

In Maya, go to the top menu bar: Window > General Editors > Script Editor
In the Script Editor window, at the bottom half of the window click the Python tab.
In the textbox below, type import CoDMayaTools. Press the blue SINGLE arrow at the top of the window.
If it worked, the Call of Duty Tools menu should appear in the main Maya window. If it didn't work, there will probably be an error message in the log on the top half of the Script Editor window.

If it didn't work, in the Script Editor window bottom half (in Python tab!) copy the following code:
import sys
sys.path.append("<path to scripts folder>")
import CoDMayaTools
Replace the <path to scripts folder> with the path to your scripts folder (where the usersetup.mel is), but for each slash use TWO backslashes. For example, mine would look like this:
Again, press the single blue arrow button at the top of the Script Editor and if it worked, the Call of Duty tools menu should appear.

Both of those are temporary fixes, and you would have to do them every time you start Maya. Tell me if either of them works, and I'll try to figure out a permanent fix :)
2136 days ago
For me work in Maya 2015 but 1 thing i notice is that after import eny model u need to flip normals  ;)

Is that only for Maya 2015, or for all versions? The normals are determined by the order of the vertices, so I might be loading them backwards, or Maya 2015 might have a different vertex order.
2258 days ago
Script seems to work, but source looks terrible. You have to read about structs at least. It's just a pain to see avoiding OOP in languange that mostly rely on it.

Sorry :/ This is pretty much my only Python project, and I'm not very familiar with OOP in Python. I could try to learn Python OOP and apply it to this project in a future update, if I get bored sometime :P
2267 days ago
so i have used this tool for the f2000 and scar-h from mw2 it worked fine for those guns but when i tried animating black ops 2 weapons it just gives me a jacked up idle animation and ive selected all the joints needed in the file any idea on how to fix it>

It only works on CoD5 guns, sorry.

Edit: If you are trying to port a mw2/BO gun to WaW, yes that is possible with this tool but I'm not sure what your problem is. (I should probably learn how to model and animate....)
2272 days ago
Updated to version 1.5.1, which adds CoD4 model importing, and some bug fixes. Due to a bug in version 1.5, this update cannot be downloaded through the auto-updater, and you will have to download it manually (just replace the existing script with the new one).
2275 days ago
Tried doing it but since your tool reads default folder and actually adds 'xmodel'/'xanim' to the folder path it breaks.

For exporting, it exports the .xmodel_export or .xanim_export the wherever the save path is. For importing, it uses the path "<given root folder>/raw/(xmodel, xmodelsurfs, xmodelparts, images, materials)". A single model uses info from 5 different folders, so having it base the path on the current root folder is easiest. If the root folder given doesn't have those folders, it won't be able to import a model. Any CoD root folder has those folders, but right now the tool will only work for CoD5 models, so you shouldn't be using it for any other CoD games anyways.
2299 days ago
SPOILER: cod bo2 support comming soon :)  :lol:

Coming? Maybe. Soon? No.
2299 days ago
If project is "CoD Model Tools" why is deFaultfolder set for WaW? (I  mean it's irritating for me to go back 3 folders because I do stuff in CoD4, CoD5 and, BO.)

Well right now it only supports CoD5, but I'm working on adding support for other CoD games. If you want it to use another root folder, you can use the "Set Root Folder" button in the menu.
2299 days ago
Just updated to Version 1.5, with some cool new features :D The tools can now import CoD5 models, including the skeleton rig and can add IK Handles on character models. I also added an IWI to DDS converter, and the script will auto update now.

For future versions, I'm planning to add in XAnim importing, and then add in support to import models/anims from CoD4 and from FastFiles.

The name of the project changed from CoDExportTools to CoDMayaTools, so you need to uninstall the previous version first before installing the new version! (Just change the name of the file in your usersetup.mel file to the new name.)
2301 days ago
Thank you for this man!
I haven't Exported anims yet but the models works fine!
can you tell me how i can change the names of the materials because there were exported wit a ":" in it and i can't export materials with it in...

Thanks :)
I think you can change the material name by selecting an object using that material, and then in the Attribute Editor go to the material tab and changing the name in the text box. The ":" probably means you have two separate materials with the same name, I would guess (":" and "|" are Maya's DAG path separators), so make sure each material has a unique name. I'm not very good with Maya, sorry.

does it work for 2015?

I've only tested up to 2014, but it probably works.
2311 days ago
In the same folder, create usersetup.mel (if you don't already have one). Add this code to the end of the file:
Code: [Select]
python("import CoDExportTools");

im unclear on where this is going?? where do i add this file?? please help. do i create a new .mel file and just add that line of code in or do i add it to your script that i downloaded from you... sorry not very good at placing scripts or changing/adding them

In your "My Documents\maya\<maya version>\scripts\" folder, check to see if you have a file called "usersetup.mel". If you don't have it, create it. (Make sure you don't accidentally name it usersetup.mel.txt if you have "hide extensions for known file types" enabled.) Open it with Notepad (not WordPad) or some other script editor and add this line to the end of the file:

python("import CoDExportTools");
The "" script you downloaded should go in the same folder as the usersetup.mel, but you don't need to change anything in it.

Once you do all that, restart Maya and if you did it correctly you should see a "Call of Duty 5 Tools" menu at the top of the main window.
2343 days ago
it says on the plug in in maya a update is avalable please check ugx-mods for more info it dosnt download it

Download the update from the download button on the first post. Just replace your old script file with the new one.

Post Merge: March 27, 2014, 01:27:10 am
Okay, I think I fixed the excessive TRI_VERT_RATIO errors with this exporter. Of course, the error will still happen if something is wrong with your model, but it should happen less often now. :)

Download the 1.3 update to get the fix.
2370 days ago
I made this Asset to GDT converter a while ago for someone, and they suggested I post it. I posted it.

It converts most simple asset types, like weapon files, into GDTs and allows you to create a new GDT to put them in or merge them into an existing GDT.

I made this really fast, so use with caution because things I make tend to have problems (backup GDTs before merging and stuff).

2388 days ago


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