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In a new script placer map the shadows work so you must have deleted/changed your skybox or lightgrid or worldspawn settings.
11 days ago

Make backup of your mods/mapname/
Merge clientscripts/ folder with your mods/mapname/
Check file in launcher/mod builder.
It should get rid of the footstep error.
27 days ago

Are you using ugxmod?
Did your map compile before?
28 days ago
gympie is probably correct and your calling a custom script with a flag_wait in it before the flag is defined. Moving it under zombiemode or load would ensure that the flag was defined.
42 days ago

It shouldn't be happening on a new script placer map.
That error comes from using a command like
flag_wait "all_players_connected" before
flag_init "all_players_connected"
If you have developer 1, developer_script 1, and logfile it should tell you the exact file and line the flag is called from.
42 days ago

Map_source contains prefabs and maps.
Mods/mapname/ contains custom scripts sounds ect.
Zone_source contains csv associated with your mapname.
Custom models and textures will need the gdt and original files associated with them.
Create a new map with a script placer on your new computer. Compile and test it to be sure you installed modtools and updates correctly.
Replace your with your
Copy any csv edits into your new map csv.
Copy any custom scripts over and update your mapname.gsc
43 days ago

Use a script placer to create a new map.
Check ugx wiki for instructions.
Don't use "test" or "example" as a mapname.
45 days ago

If your using ugxmod then you need to add all the ugxmod perks, elemental machine ect.
56 days ago

Look in the console when it freezes for anything important.
Check your mapname.gsc and see if you added anything twice by mistake.
If it happens when you get items and when the game starts maybe your player quotes are not setup correctly.
57 days ago

Radiant toolbar "show patches as wireframe"
There is also "j" , "shift + j" , "ctrl + j" to toggle the red highlight and textured wireframe modes when blending or vertex editing.
57 days ago

You don't need bsp_info checked when compiling.
57 days ago
Is there a mod menu installed?
Are you using T4m?
Are there any loose files not in a folder in your appdata/codwaw/mods folder where installed maps go?
Does the campaign or stock zombie maps load?
122 days ago
You could have a bad kvp on your worldspawn. Open your .map in notepad and compare the first few lines to another working map to see if you deleted something.
122 days ago
Water sometimes cuts horizontally though the map when its compiled but its supposed to fill the brush volume with water. I dont think there is a perfect solution but i would try one of these.
Make sure it has structural brushes around it to define the boundaries.
Try using a no_draw_decal brush with water texture on one face.
Terrain patch.
Curve patch.
If none of those suggestions work i have a dynamic water texture and a scrolling foamy texture/model i used for a waterfall and stream i might be able to upload.
173 days ago
Did launcher compile your map before?
Does a new script placer map without any edits compile and load?
Are you running as admin?
173 days ago


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