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Water sometimes cuts horizontally though the map when its compiled but its supposed to fill the brush volume with water. I dont think there is a perfect solution but i would try one of these.
Make sure it has structural brushes around it to define the boundaries.
Try using a no_draw_decal ...
45 days ago
Did launcher compile your map before?
Does a new script placer map without any edits compile and load?
Are you running as admin?
45 days ago
If you send me a pm with a mediafire link to your map I will fix it.
You can also probably fix it yourself by doing these in radiant.
Fix any red or "node without volume" errors from launcher.
Caulk faces of unseen brushes.
Look in the radiant 2d view for brushes that a...
57 days ago
Entity 0 Brush 2413 at 7330 -2511 321
Go to the brush or patch and fix it.
Its could be a cylinder patch twisted, a terrain patch that is folded onto itself or a bad brush ect.
57 days ago
Add deathmodel to a csv if you havent already. Check appdata/.../mods/mapname/missing_assets.csv for anything related to your vehicle, ignore everything else in it.
If the rotation happens after death you can get "classname" "script_vehicle_corpse" and check the targetname t...
99 days ago
Your map has a leak but your actual error is missing assets.
Make sure your game is updated. Check ugx wiki.
Make sure your modtools are updated. Check ugx wiki.
Press the converter button in launcher.
Create map with a script placer.
Compile your map, map_patch, then mod us...
114 days ago


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