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anything else or will that complete your order
907 days ago
Loved the new update, played for like an hour and it's still as much amazing as it first came out.

I noticed something thou, when the AK-12 runs out of ammo. It doesn't switch to the other gun.

That can be easily fixed by NOT ticking this: (Image removed from quote.)

Still a great map, great job. :D

or just switching guns
996 days ago
Does it crash when loading the mod 'wds_1.0' from mod list or when launching the map 'Kino Der Toten'?

Better to crash loading than lobby

1026 days ago
1049 days ago
fire base yolo swaggin :rainbow:

@ my boi sidzzz, he trying release guns but he slow :(
1052 days ago
I've released a map for each gun added to this mod in this time period  :alone: :lol: :rainbow: :nyan: :derp:

!! Invalid download link for download button !!
1053 days ago
will dis have MOTD round sounds  :derp:

ur bad
1057 days ago
  fk up n gudnite
1073 days ago

1078 days ago
Please provide an English translation

gloss gloss gloss rattled rattled gloss
1109 days ago

Good ol' harry bo perks, the most destructive thing to a map :lol:
1139 days ago


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