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I built this game on a beast of a pc with 6 gig graphics card, 64 gig ram, I never had problems playing it.
1311 days ago
Great stuff ,I would love to see loads of simple tuts. ;) ;)
1425 days ago
Hi all im still looking for a team to map some stuff and a scripter if anyone is interestesd, here somw#e of my early w.i.p

Double Post Merge: October 27, 2016, 02:11:17 am

1425 days ago
Theme , that is the question. I am open to any kind of theme .what do people want?
1453 days ago
Wondering if anyones teaming up to make a map,or is anyone looking for people to team up with?. ::)
1453 days ago
looking good buddy,im loving the look.
1454 days ago
tried to play this mod, still has bugs

i have t4m but is there a specific graphics setting we need to play this?

(Content removed from quote.)
try this
but its all dependent on your setup, if you struggle to play waw then this will be hard for you to play.
1470 days ago
1.2 Update released

Double Post Merge: September 10, 2016, 01:23:33 am
Please ,Please ,Please can some one get some vid footage out there to give this map a boost. thanks
1472 days ago
not sure what im gona do maybe place some more containers in to stop you doing your thing lol
1474 days ago
How do you get mapper status, I have released 3 maps  , the morgue, orbit joint with makecents and now Icarus?
1475 days ago
this map was awesome i even posted it on some facebook groups saying give tudark a little love and download
top man ;)

Double Post Merge: September 07, 2016, 01:38:44 am
1.2 Update tomorrow
- ohm bug
-added debris for outside area
-maybe windows wine change
1475 days ago
Awesome ,you did a great job. thanks for playing my map and enjoying it . Hopefully other people may give it a try ;)I think it is as detailed as most of the better maps its just I haven't got a big name scripter behind me but oh well I tried lol
1475 days ago
great work as always tudark but i did run into an issue where there was one zombie left i tried all sorts to get it to work with no luck.
this is the vid i made if you want to check out the end, always seems to happen at about round 18 not sure if this is a bug or just me hope this helps
(Content removed from quote.)
Edit: oh almost forgot there was a bug with the weapons in that vid as well i could buy all weapons also was the vector meant to be free?. oh and one more thing this might of just been a one off but when i packed the vector i lost my other weapon i didnt try it again so not sure if that always happens
first of all thanks for playing and sharing the video, I thnk I know what the 1 zombie remaning is .The hive you was collecting at has a bubble fx there near it ,that isn't ment to be there and is attached to a freakshow spawner, so sorry about that. I will fix the bugged things ,thanks again.

Double Post Merge: September 03, 2016, 07:07:37 pm
1.1 UPDATE  released  today 3/9/16

Double Post Merge: September 04, 2016, 12:27:48 am
I C A R U S 1.1 out now
1478 days ago


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