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I am not confident of the code.
This is part_shader_logic code I touched.

function part_shader_logic(shader, position, size_x, size_y){
hud = position - 1;
self.shader_var[hud] = NewClientHudElem(self);
self.shader_var[hud].alignX = "right";
self.shader_var[hud].alignY = "top";
self.shader_var[hud].horzAlign = "user_right";
self.shader_var[hud].vertAlign = "user_top";
if(self IsSplitScreen())
self.shader_var[hud].y = ((size_y * position) + 10) - 25;
self.shader_var[hud].y = ((size_y * position) + 10);
self.shader_var[hud].x = -5;
self.shader_var[hud] setShader(shader, size_x, size_y);
self waittill("power_crafted");
self waittill("pap_crafted");
foreach(shader in self.shader_var){
shader Destroy();
1119 days ago
I want to play music from a struct when I turn on the power.
1121 days ago
I would like to be of assistance, but I have added two buildables, but when I make it the shader will not disappear.
Please show me an example script.
1124 days ago
I want to know how to generate random sounds of struct_script.
1180 days ago
Zombie laboratory
115 studies ...
935 Laboratory who was was conducting terrible experiments.

Download here

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

-Shootable EE
-Soul Box
-BO2 Animated Shaders
-Custom Round Sounds
-Custom Zombies
-bo1 bo2 bo3 Guns
-NSZ Powerup Zombie Money
-Music EE
-Buildable power switch
-Radio EE
-Ambient Sounds

-Map Credits-

-Other Credits-
Tom Crowley
UGX Forum

UGO aka Wakka

Download here
1241 days ago
I want to make sounds within the range that I have decided.
If you have something to do with scripts or maps, please let me know
1278 days ago

There is a zombie that spawns with a door that has not opened yet.
i want to be able to go from the two doors as shown in this figure
i do not understand whether I need a code order but I want you to help me.
function usermap_test_zone_init()
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "test_zone1", "enter_test_zone1" );
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "test_zone5", "start_zone", "enter_start_zone" );
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "test_zone1", "test_zone2", "enter_test_zone2" );
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "test_zone2", "test_zone3", "enter_test_zone3" );
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "test_zone3", "test_zone4", "enter_test_zone4" );
zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "test_zone4", "test_zone5", "enter_test_zone5" );
level flag::init( "always_on" );
level flag::set( "always_on" );
1302 days ago
When I was playing radiant, the lighting states were gone.
Can you display lighting states on the camera? :(
1343 days ago
Thanks for the clarification.

I don't understand what you mean about the targetname, but I think what you need to do is something like this
//First give all the radio triggers the same targetname 'radio', but a unique script_sound - 'name_of_sound' kvp 

function radio_sounds(){
radios = GetEntArray("radio", "targetname");
foreach(radio in radios){
radio thread wait_for_trig();

function wait_for_trig(){
self waittill("trigger");
PlaySoundAtPosition(self.script_sound, self.origin);
Thank you! :D
1360 days ago
If what your're looking for is falloff distance, that is set up in the csv file that the sound you are playing is located in. You will need to make this a 3D sound and set the distances up. If I were you I would read "sound_mod_docs" in your bo3root/docs_modtools folder. It explains setting up aliases. Basically a "sound file" within the cod engine is sort of an array of variables in which the engine processes and modifes the way the sound is played based on the criteria that you declare in the csv file. So essentially, the game will never just play a raw wav file without adjusting the properties of the sound based on the csv, for the most part.

But first before you get into that headache, what function exactly are you using to play the radios? Generally if you want a 3d sound to have falloff distance, default sounds probably have this set up in the csv already, so if you are doing:
player PlaySound("radio_sound");    //This function plays the sound TO the player, not in 3d space. So it is at full volume always, at least as I have observed before.

//You want to do :
PlaySoundAtPosition("radio_sound", (x,y,z));  //While this function plays the sound in 3d space, so the volume will scale according to the distance the player is from the origin of the sound.
PlaySoundAtPosition("radio_sound", entity.origin);

Hope that helps you.

*Keep in mind some of the sounds you might be using could possibly be set up as 2D sounds and not 3D, so you probably won't hear them in game if you are doing PlaySoundAtPosition() in some cases. Also, be careful when editing the sound aliases, because if you put erroneous data into any of the fields, this will fuck up the sound and it will either not play at all, or just sound undesirable. That is why I recommend reading that document I pointed out earlier. I went through this hassle before setting up sounds, and as long as you have patience and a bit of time it's not really that hard you will find. says yoda
Thank you for your reply. :)
Is targetname etc. necessary?
I did this way, but have anything changed?
function radio_sound()
//You want to do :
PlaySoundAtPosition("radio_sound", (20,20,20));  //While this function plays the sound in 3d space, so the volume will scale according to the distance the player is from the origin of the sound.
PlaySoundAtPosition("radio_sound", entity.origin);
1363 days ago
I want to make it so that it can not be heard by sounding a radio and going far away. :)
1363 days ago
My map does not spawn zombies from the ground, so I want to suddenly spawn. :-\
1364 days ago
//A comment is //comment. Compiler skips code with //
#using scripts\zm\_zm_utility; //use a script outside of current scope
while(1) { //loop begin. Run code while true. If 1 becomes zero loop stops.
ent = GetEnt("ent","targetname"); //locates an object named "ent". Make this a script_struct or script_origin
zm_utility::play_sound_at_pos("a_sound", ent.origin);  // play sound with name "a_sound" at the object
if (break_out_of_loop) {break;} //clause to stop the sound if necessary
wait(insert_sound_length_here); //ex. wait(3) stops code for 3 seconds
} //loop end
What should I change this code and what should I put in there?
Will you teach me?
1375 days ago
Go watch some tutorials.
Is there a video link for the tutorial?
1375 days ago


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