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The feeling I got when running for my life from a horde of bus sprinters, shock novas, and a jugg with a mini-gun is something I've never experienced before, and something I will definitely experience again. Thank you Stevie for this wonderful map.
1592 days ago
Great map, I love the atmosphere!

I noticed three things while I was playing:

After restarting the map, the zombies immediately started to spawn even though I hadn't assembled the 57. That in itself is fine, but when I bought ammo, it took my points but didn't give me any bullets.

I also noticed that headshots were only 70 points. Again, that's fine, but it also seemed like when I would score a headshot with some weapons it would only be worth 50 points, and I was clearly on the zombies head.

The last thing I noticed was that guns like the Ballista and R870 were a bit weak. For example, the Ballista wasn't a 1-shot kill on round 4, even if you scored a headshot, and the Rem was inconsistent, either killing or just maiming with body shots.

As I said though, the atmosphere is creepy as hell, which makes the map fun to play. I loved the custom voice files, and the layout was challenging, but rewarding once you got outside. Great map!
1602 days ago
It seems like this could be an interesting map. Maybe fight your way through the facility, then gtfo after completing the E.E.

In any case, keep up the good work!
1604 days ago




lol  :D
Well now we know what Harry wants.  :lol:

Although... if it could shoot basketballs that would explode or shoot through multiple zombies, that would be pretty sweet.  :D
1610 days ago
Just started playing it, amazing so far. However, the Double Tap bottle keeps reappearing after i shoot it, and I can't shoot the Mountain Dew or Vulture Aid bottles.
1613 days ago
The PaP machine is halfway through the floor...

Please try to put a bit more into the map. And 3-hit jugg shouldn't be a "thing" anymore. It's an easy fix.
1614 days ago
The Limbo isn't being added people... :poker:

Does this mean stevie actually doesn't have eternal patience?
1615 days ago
Can you please just write 'keep' in future? You constantly write 'cp' and it's rather annoying. Thanks :)
Not to mention seriously incorrect abreviating  :D
1626 days ago
And Im really not bothered, if gloves go bit inside the gun, you guys should see MSR anims with higher FOV :please: Btw, it might look like half of the hand is inside, but its not really. Just "illusion" given by the pic

If it shoots bullets that kill zombies, who really cares if the player is one with the gun.  :troll:
1629 days ago
Nah, thats goodbye pic obviously. Saying cya later, losers with a pic of a map only he can play :please:

Hmmm, I never thought of that.  ::)
1632 days ago
I take it this means you're resuming progress?
1632 days ago
I tried to love this map Dual, I really did...

Instead I became infatuated with it  :troll:

Great remake, with every single detail from the original. The new weapons and weapon leveling system really are amazing, and I know the mod is a W.I.P., but it's an amazing concept and works flawlessly with the map.

Keep up the amazing work  :D
1632 days ago


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