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Messages - W1NG3D

Congrats guys. Never expected the site to grow to this level :)
7 years ago
Good to see the original making a comeback :)
7 years ago
Why don't both of you just fly to New Zealand instead :)
8 years ago
Damn, I was really looking forward to instating Ballbags McGee as the primary UGX mapper! Maybe next year!
9 years ago
Punish these stick insects by covering them in a generous amount of doo :)
9 years ago
I failed balbags is to good

Obviously Ballbags' amazing level design and scripting has provided a genuine challenge 8)
10 years ago
I totally soon as Infection Ward gets released  :D

Didn't you hear? Infection Ward was released months ago, it just had its name changed to "Ballbags TREEHOUSE OF TERRORISM"
10 years ago
I challenge you all to get to round 30 on all three of the amazing Ballbags trio of maps - the toilet of doom, ballbags 2, and of course the treehouse of terrorism. Good luck 8)
10 years ago
Always thought of going down this path and finding a job as a level designer / world builder, but unfortunately living in New Zealand makes a move to LA very difficult :-\
10 years ago
Average episode in my opinion, while Chandler Riggs' acting has improved a huge amount since he first started the show, he still isn't quite capable of carrying almost an entire episode because I was constantly thinking that the way he was acting as a young teenager seemed quite unrealistic. Although I suppose it could also be blamed on the writing and the lines he was given. Also there was practically zero plot development for Rick and Carl, apart from the very end when they are re-united with Michonne - this could've easily happened within the first 10 or 20 minutes of the episode, but instead most of it was filler of Carl trying to be independent, which was pretty pointless anyway because he just ends up back with his dad and they're back to square one.

The Michonne parts and her backstory were the highlight of the episode though, they were genuinely pretty interesting and I hope to see more of her story come to light in future episodes.

Hopefully next weeks' episode with more characters will be a bit more interesting and exciting!
10 years ago
I would suggest trying to use the Restore Previous Version feature to restore your .map file to an earlier state, although this will only work if your Windows is configured to periodically make backups for System Restore (which I believe it should be by default). This means that you'll likely lose some recent changes, but it's better than a map which won't even open at all.

Had similar troubles when I was working on Chernobyl and the restore previous version method worked perfectly for me.
10 years ago
Trying to find a headset that is compatible with all systems is not easy. The best headset that comes to mind is still the ASTRO A50 with the necessary accessories from their shop that make it compatible with all systems.

I just recently switched from the ASTRO A50 + ASTRO Mixamp to Seinheiser PC360 G4ME Eddition + ASTRO Mixamp and don't regret it - uou can use any headset with the mixamp to get the cross-system compatibility.

Wins, you use the same headset as me! Told you it was good :D
10 years ago
Sorry guys, I've been working two jobs and also will be starting uni soon so I haven't had time for COD or mapping in a long time. But I'll see what I can do about making some progress, if I can find the damned hard drive I used to back the files up!
10 years ago
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