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Every time I forget that this Topic exists, a new meme is posted.
You'll never forget the memes, just like how we'll never forget tranzit
1544 days ago
Pffftttt.... As if. Excuse me, I believe COTD needs a remake.
1544 days ago
lol, I think this is their way of saying "yeah, the chat's dead guys, let's move to discord, which is everything that chat ever aspired to be, and then some."
Not that I'm complaining.
shhh, let the chat rest, it is now dead for good
1587 days ago
So another Revelations 2.0 but only the jungle maps?
what do you mean? shi no numa is a swamp  :gusta:
1587 days ago
Torrent a copy of BO2 and save the effort, just remember to use a VPN :please:
isnt it against the rules to encourage pirating  :-X
1731 days ago
i always new i was a woman, surgery here i come!!!
you were always a women my love!
1767 days ago
everyone is too busy eating bo3 for this section to be buzzing
1767 days ago
1770 days ago
theresw nothing else really able to be done, its over that cant add onto it, honestly the chances of having a larger EE when pc/xbone dropped is like 0.5%
They'll add hints when it comes out to pc and xbox
1780 days ago
Dataminers my friend,
a guy left a cypher on reddit, to help the community finish the main EE
Also letting them know that the reels were actually a step and not some kinda of side EE.
At the end of the cypher he said "Now lets wait for everyone to get the map and get Super"
It kinda points at a super EE that will be doable when DLC drops on all platforms, also he had already pointed at a super EE way before Zetsubou no shima relase.
They never done that before, and what would this "super ee" be about, I say the ending was fine as it is
1780 days ago
We still have the Super EE when DLC drops on PC/Xbox ;)
what you talkin bout willis
1781 days ago
i kinda like it, but i was hoping for a longer and better cutscene.... and maybe a easter egg that actually gave hints
1781 days ago
seems the poster focuses on zombs more

1802 days ago
Looks like you were right (kinda...) it was Kino, but not the whole map it seems. I think we will be going to various parts of old maps in this new map! Looks awesome!

(Content removed from quote.)
much hype for this dlc :))
1803 days ago


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