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Make Zombie Spawners

In order to make a zombie spawner, you must do the following three steps. Details for each below.
    1. Setup zombie models
    2. Setup character in asset manager
    3. Setup aitype in asset manager

Setup Zombie Models
1. Port the zombie model and make sure they all have the right hitbox to them,8904.0.html

Make sure to remember the zombie models, for example:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Setup Character
1. Open asset manager
2. Select character
3. Select New Entry and select OK
4. Enter new character name
         Example: char_zom_tomb_1b
5. For each model group select the browse buttons and locate the relevant model, as applicable.
         For zombies that will not gib, only the Body Model need selected
(note: youll need to copy the name of the model, and paste it in the blanks instead of browsing the model or you'll come across this error
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
6. For spawned gib models, youll need to insert the joint name, for example
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
7. Save gdt and convert current asset

Setup Aitype
remember to close asset manager, then reopen it, or the character file you created wont show up for this next step. You may open last gdt or create a new one.
1. Select aitype.
2. Select New Entry.
3. Enter new aitype name and select OK
If you name it something like Char_zombie_nub, then you name another one Char_zombie_plop,
you will create a sub menu within radiant for actors>char>zombie> nub and plop
        Example: char_zombie_tomb
4. Select browse button for radiantModel
        For example, the zombies body model would fit this best
5. Change health to 150
6. Select defaultweapon from weapon
7. Type will remain human unless making a dog
8. In the character1 select the browse button and select the character(s) you just made previously
        For example, char_zom_tomb_1b
        If you want multiple characters to spawn from this, then add other characters to 2 - 8
9. Save gdt and convert current asset

Verify Spawner Was Made

1. Open radiant, close if it was open during converting assets, and reopen it.
2. Right click 2d area and select actor>your zombie path or name...
3. Enter kvps as you would any spawner

credit: SSPartisan ExecutionerSS
1693 days ago
so yee, they break the barrier, come inside the map, try to chase me, and die

(ignore audio since they didnt know i was recording them hehe)

i have messed with my scripts and retraced my steps to see if that was the problem, they still die, halp
1755 days ago
Modify ugx and make your own touch to it! Do whatever you wish! this was done out of boredom, but i want others to join me and do the same! Meow

1925 days ago
Purple Base is a building made by the purple square worshipers who knew the zombies would come one day, what they didnt know is they would be faced by obstacle once it happen

the base started getting controlled by the purple square, and used as his entertainment. locking doors making the four members survive to open the doors and live to see another day, or find another means of escape.

with the corporation, zenic, supplies around the base, the four survivors have means to defend themselves against the onslaught

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2030 days ago
Worship The Purple Square

2076 days ago
Well it seems a update came for bo2 which effects some of the posters in some maps with a scan thingy to add call of duty on snapchat

This might be posting stuff for the next cod in the future, they have one video I saw at the time of making this with some eye saying "listen only to the sound of my voice" and does a side view of a forest

2114 days ago

First version
i remembered someone uploaded it (long ago) but i decided to put it on front page, this version has no bug fixes that were mentioned

update v1
map fixes:
zombies spawn at biom area
getting phd will keep you from dying in some areas and causes being stuck fixed
wooden bridge expaned near ak47
hintstrings fixed
spawners in power room fixed
clips modifided alittle

weapon fixes:
removed insane, BWC SCYTHE, Blakes sword  (should stop crashes)
scar-h upgraded ammo increased
fn2000 ammo decreased
honeybadger ammo and damage changed
names for some pap guns changed (thezombiedon did most the names)

randomly done:
the maze is more.... hehe you know :3


new things because i was bored:
two new EE (one shootable, and one has too do with bob)

weapon fixes:
custom guns arent in the air anymore

map fixes:
power door is now one brush (should pervent lag when opening it)

major fix:
spawners dont randomly break (easy fix that i should have known)

side note:
no more updates, this map will be as it is now. i wish to do something else now. also :3 meow

this is my third map, because why not purple square worship yay muhahahhahaha
yea and it was a test map as well. this map has taught me stuff so yep yep, im still learning

if you upload video tell me, i love watching them :3

nuke town zombies
five teleporters
kino teleporter
all bo1 perks
purple snow
different players
change of veiwhands
moving textures
imported weapons
spinning stuff
music box
solo revive
all waw weapons removed (except ray gun)
fire sale
moving perks
buyable ending
and more

(5 custom weapons ( 2 using toms melee anims, and 1 my own custom anims))

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

bwc66930 (Apex) [creator of the map and lots of stuff]
elfenlied (Apex) [helped with alot]
zombie madness (rorke) [dont remember]
Weezy428  [helped with mapping and glowing head tut]
rollonmath42 [i think.... stuff idk]
SammyCustom  [dont remember]
Bigkittyjr [dont remember]
tom bmx [lots of stuff]
Swazzy [dont remember]
bamskater33 [perks and disabling character sounds]
YaPh1l [stuff]
JBird632 [dont remember]
gtlad (Apex) [lots of the stuff]
Jake [APEX] [dont remember]
Deadnaut [dont remember]
Mirai Dematro [voice acting]
pashan [Tally's for rounds]
JR-Imagine [dont remember]
MakeCents [scripting stuff]
AwesomePieMan [five teleporters]
DuaLVII [dont remember]
Gamer9294  [dont remember]
Raveout [music stuff]
Kurai Hayashi [is raveout]
Paragalor [sound stuff]
DidUknowiPwn [some menu stuff]
ADDICTED [loadscreen, missionscreen]
smasher [scavenger script]
marsvinking [with some stuff here and there]
uliektadurs [weapon file edits, and zombie actors]
josh1600 [built a castle]

sorry i made the credit names but never put what they did till last min, if i forgot someone please tell me
also fuck thats a long credit list

elfenlied (Apex) [he hated a certain maze]
2219 days ago


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