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Messages - Guilhermex12

I really love this map, would be nice if you add a Wonder Weapon to it (high rounds  ::) )
8 years ago
WOW, super amazing WORK, good luck with it :)
8 years ago
The graphics of the map...  :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

My PC will run it in 15 fps.

Double Post Merge: May 13, 2016, 12:13:52 am
Vote close...  :(
Bye bye D.E Bows
8 years ago
Nope, I think I combined like 10 doors to be 5
Ok, so, the Fastest Strategy is still in it :D
8 years ago
The 1.1 Update list says that you have removed some Doors, do you remember if you opened the door near the Peacekeeper? (Not the Debris near PaP)
8 years ago
Project Contamination: Awakening Update 1.1

Code Snippet
Version 1.1 Log:
-New Game Mode has been added: Juggernaut
-New Easter Egg added for Classic Game Mode
-Added Black Ops 3 Death Machine, Ghosts Ameli and Ghosts CBJ-MS
-New buildable has been added
-Optional perk limit has been added
-New options added for Kill Confirmed
-Pack-a-Punch camo has been changed to be one from The Giant
-Fixed the grenade pickup animation
-Removed few doors, that were not needed
-Aligned few models and patches
-Fixed few bugs with Game Modes
-New round start sounds have been added
-Updated some textures in the map, like powerup shaders and round chalks
-Some weapon fixes have been done

This will be last update, if there are no gamebreaking bugs. I am not going to continue modding on WaW anymore (atleast solo projects)
Hopefully everything is working and you have better time with this version, enjoy!
Good... But i will stick with the older update  ::) No perk limits
8 years ago
It's good to know that we're finally able to play custom zombies on BO1 now, but there's just a few questions I have:

-People have been able to find ways to implement so much stuff into WaW (Gun Game, custom Easter eggs, all that good stuff)...can this be applied to BO1 as well?
-This is going to sound silly, but with the BO3 mod tools coming out...are people even going to be playing BO1 custom maps?
people like me that don't have a monster PC will stick to BO1 Custom Maps and WaW.
8 years ago
Yeah but this is part of _laststand to get the red screen effect, and it shouldn't really do anything as it is only 1 in laststand mode, and gets reset when you exit laststand by being revived or when you respawn after bleeding out.
hum... Ok, thanks  :)
8 years ago
SE2DEV is awesome, he needs a unique title called "The Boss" :P
8 years ago
What I can tell you is that if we end up using T4M that it actually needed it.
Hum ok, no problem, my only hope is to the map don't crash in round 30, etc...
8 years ago
Not knocking SE2DEV's amazing work (because what he's done is truly amazing), but if he's had Radiant working for 'a few years now' why has he left it this late to release this (well it's still not even released technically), especially since BO3 mod tools are right round the corner? If he had released this a year or 2 ago it would have been a complete game changer, seems almost like a waste at this point.

Side note, is this project likely be finished before BO3 tools come out?
I think this is very good, because, not all people can run BO3... And BO3 is not good optimized, so, i think like the 60% of the custom zombies community will stay in BO1 New custom maps. WaW will be abandoned...
8 years ago
Please, say to us the map won't be needing T4M.
8 years ago
8 years ago
all mega download are super wierd with me and only download things at 300 kb/s when i have a 2mb/s download can you put a download link to like mediafire or google ?? please
Download an program called "MEGA Link Downloader" I use it when my Megas downloads are really slow :)
8 years ago
Played it now... It's in my list of favorite maps now! :D The BO3 Guns feels amazing! I tryed high round but the Sliquifier chain still need more buff, i think it's just needing an chain distance buff ;)
The Bosses are more balanced now, feels like Der Eisendrache now, if you use the Hatmaker 12 with PaP you can kill then really faster, and this helps so much.
Only one more thing, i think you need to buff max ammo drops, looks like it's only Drop by Juggernaut Bosses.... And Juggernaut Bosses don't come every round, and with the Sliquifier "nerfed" i get out of ammo really faster :/

Out of this, amazing!
8 years ago
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