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Well this map feels empty.Well that's because it kinda is.YOu could try improving by adding some stuff around the map and making it a little bit....bigger maybe? Anyway I would say it's good for a first map but since it's your second there is no excuse really. Good try though.....

You are stuck in a room. They are coming from all sides. DON'T DIE!

Bruh I wasn't waiting for you to tell me not to die...I already knew it  :troll:
1376 days ago
Bo 12 Perks

BO 12? U wot? Am I left decades back???  :troll:

1416 days ago
Oh well regardless what did he or people thinking of me when i cheated on this map. I only play it for fun

Well I need to find that blue console no matter what it looks too good for me not to have it  :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
1432 days ago
Oh yeah?
(Image removed from quote.)

Well then.....How the absolute hell did you manage that? (and btw why is your console blue? I LOVE that look)

I said "try" you fool

Didn't see that :D
1432 days ago
No need for it, it'd probably glitch out the swords in some way plus you can see most of the weapons in the box

True,but it will probably get me around 7-10 times to get every single gun from the box and if I dont know how many guns there are then I can't be sure if I even got them all.But I guess tha'ts the only possible way so it's time for some old gun huntin'
1432 days ago
I speak for both of us when I say "we don't care why you cheat, we will still try to stop you on any map we make"

Well RIP me from seeing all the weapons in the map. But if I want to cheat then by disabling console commands you still cant stop me Harry  ;)
1434 days ago
Why do so many people wanna cheat the map? Just play it properly.....

I'm talking only about myself concerning cheats but what I do is I use the Give All command to see all the guns in the map. That's why he probably wants cheats and unfortunately the best maps with the best gun mods have cheats disabled by default   :D

(btw where the hell is the pap I can't find it inside the map and I highly doubt it's outside XD)
1434 days ago
God Damnit Hex I just wanted to use the Give All command to see all the guns and you ruined it for me  :alone:  ( RIP )

1434 days ago
Yes, once Blunt finishes up a few more things like the custom perks and maybe a bit more of the objective then I'll need you and the rest of the crew, who still want to test it, to play through the Greenhouse map and let me know what problems you encounter or if anything is too confusing. I'm testing it like everyday to try to catch the obvious stuff but then I'll need your expertise after that  :D

Now I'm a little motivated!
1441 days ago
Tomi wont we be able to test the version before release?
1444 days ago
Well then let's get you some IW guns. :)

If you do that im gonna praise you like a GOD  :rainbow:
1475 days ago
Are we gonna see more maps with this mod?
1485 days ago
This map is pretty good. I liked it very much and enjoyed playing it. I only had 2 problems with it. The first one being a bug where i went to the first control room and the rounds kept changing without zombies spawning. And the other one is your gun description. Obviously the map has guns ranging from COD4 to Ghosts so its not only "BO3 and Custom Weapons". That's all :D
1485 days ago
1 thing: PLZ BO3 WEPS  :rainbow:
1581 days ago
Der Eisendrache Remade *cough* *cough*. Im jokin it looks amazing! cant wait to try it  :D
1581 days ago


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