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There men't to look faded. Some of the zombies always are covered with dirt.
1576 days ago
Probably Modern Warfare 2 or Black ops 1.
1624 days ago
I'll probably be good.
CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k @4.4GHz
GPU: ASUS Nvedia GeForce GTX 980
1672 days ago
Looks good but the names of the attachment names are in a different language. ;)
1703 days ago
I wasn't a big fan of shadows of evil so hopefully they can improve.
1712 days ago
Did you turn on power? They work perfectly for me..
Ya. I even restarted the map and tried again.
1731 days ago
Good map. Exept none of the perks work for me.
1731 days ago

^^^^ Use this website it will tell you if you have any incompatibilities.
I just gave you the Canadian link i believe you can find a uk version.
1735 days ago

^^^^ Use this website it will tell you if you have any incompatibilities.
1735 days ago
It looks good but the motherboard and CPU are not compatible.
1735 days ago
Looks good. cant wait until release!
1762 days ago
Looking nice :rainbow: defiantly signing up for the beta.
1775 days ago
Looks nice! I think there is a lack of Shi No Numa maps.
1790 days ago
I think it would be cool if the characters wheren't just stat changes and acualy looked different. Maybe even have there own quotes and personallity.
1804 days ago


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