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Messages - npissoawsome

He's already on the high scores list... that is the unpatched version, which is easier than the current INSANE version. A valid v1.1 INSANE win will say "Patched" on the GAME OVER screen. No one has given me proof of a patched INSANE win yet, which is why it would be an automatic 1st place on the high scores list right now.

I'm determined  :nyan:

But great job BigSexy!
11 years ago
That's actually a really nice comp for $500. I'd save up for $600 and get a i3 with hyper threading

11 years ago
good job with the map :), and trem I had the exact same reaction
- I ripped it from blops
- wtf why is that in blops............
11 years ago
that thing is crap, it uses integrated graphics.

save up your money, and buy something better, literally at this point $100 could make it or break it
11 years ago
100 fov is the way to go, I use it whenever I can

I also use Quake Pro in minecraft, idk why, but I love high FOV.
11 years ago
who are the ppl who are insulting? the zm community?

TMG slime
11 years ago
It's a stickied topic in giant capital letters.

oh. my. god. how did I not see that -_-
11 years ago
I suggest putting spoiler alert in the topic

and I can't wait to start watching this season
11 years ago
Hey WING3D, I was wondering if you'd be able to make 2 images for me, really simple bitmaps for my game.

If you're interested in helping, I sent you a friend request, thanks.
11 years ago
1) get some sort of rifle, doesn't matter what kind, as long as it has a silencer
2) get some bitches
3) stock up on ammo
4) stock up on lots of food and water, and gas
5) get a mini van, and barricade all the windows, and add extra locks
12 years ago
Pretty much finished the PP19. Just gotta add normal/specular maps i guess and maybe find some better sounds.

you will be a legend if you ever release this map
12 years ago
This map can be downloaded from the UGX Map Manager.

This is the first map I've made



  • It's got a shit ton of buyable weapons (I think all of them)
  • Hidden buyable raygun
  • Some custom weapons I made
  • Some mp guns
  • Treminaor's bank
  • Buyable Max Ammo
  • Buyable Double Points
  • It's a pretty small map, but has a lot of buyable rooms in it
  • All four perks

Special thanks to treminaor, he helped me out a shit load when I started out mapping
And thanks to everyone else who helped me get started

Hope you guys enjoy the map :D
12 years ago
That animation is amazing keep up the good work darkmapper, and good lick on the scripts guys :D
13 years ago
look amazing can't wait until it's done :D
13 years ago
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