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If you load the coop menu you can select the map in the list if you scroll down, you dont want to set the game to zombies but select it from the coop-map list ( when you have the mod loaded obv ).
Then you should be able to play with friends just like any other zombie map..
100 days ago
eetrigger = getent( "eetrigger", "targetname" );
eetrigger waittill ("trigger", player);
eetrigger delete;
player giveweapon( "tesla_gun_upgraded" );
123 days ago
 You say it is coop, but how do you create the lobby with the map to invite your friends. We both have the map working correctly but i dont know how to form the lobby for the map.
 Sorry for the late reply, just start coop but dont select zombies just scroll down in the map list till you see the mapname.
170 days ago
 And how would you launch it coop? cause when me and my friend try to launch it, It crashes his game.
 Make sure you both have ( the same version ) of T4m, and both have their texture settings set to 'manual'. And then 'normal' or 'high' should work.
There's some problems with t4m-coop for some people i believe. You could also try another making the other person host, and see if that works. 
212 days ago
Both, solo and coop
214 days ago
Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the map and the mod! O0  
I understand what you mean about the EE ending, guess we should have added a reward or something..
232 days ago
Probably the dumbest question you've got, but is it possible to keep your level and stats across all maps? I've swapped from map to map and it resets progress? or is that just how it works
 If you use the installer provided with the maps, and dont rename the folder it will overwrite the map but keep your progress. So you can only have one New Realism map installed at the same time, but then progress transfers between maps ( if you have a legit version of the game with an online profile, otherwise that might be the issue )
247 days ago
Is there any video tutorial on how to start the map ? . I already have t4m and all my setting is lowest and it still didn't work . One thing i don't understand is when someone ask if i set graphics from Ultra to Lower and i'm a bit confuse because there's no such thing as "Ultra to Lower" graphics setting .

In 'texture settings' set the quality to manual, and then lower the quality ( normal should work in most cases.. )

293 days ago

also like to mention I've had almost no problem with launching, running a normal client with t4m, very few or no error while launching (which seems to be the big complaint from everyone else)

 That's good to hear. It seems there's a small group of people who simply cant get T4M to work. Not sure if that's on their end, or if it's simply some hardware/software it doesn't work with.. It's always been an issue, and always will be for some.. That's the biggest downside of a T4M map..

Thanks for the feedback, seems like you've been playing the mod quite a bit. Always love hearing that after all the fun we had making it, it's nice to know there's people enjoy playing it! 
304 days ago
There's objectives in the map, but it's more of an old school search-and-find ee then for example a MOTD 'objectives style ee'. There's very few hints, you just have to look around and be alert to changes. I have a vid on my channel with the a playthrough of the objectives if you want some help:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

As for the map, i'm aware of some small bugs and the map isn't perfect but i was strugling to finish it and was close to giving up a few times. At some point we decided to just release the map 'as is' otherwise it might have never seen daylight at all..
305 days ago
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I switch what map I play? I downloaded Der Riese first, and then got Estate and Nuketown but when I load the mod it's just Nuketown.
 You have to run the other installer, it will always install in the New_Realism mod folder do it will overwrite the other map ( not your progress! ). 
Close the game, run the installer for the map you want to play, and just restart the game..

It's a bit clumsy, but it works. and installing a map shouldn't take more then 1 or 2 minutes once you got it downloaded.
315 days ago
Even i have T4M it gives me this Unhandled exception caught
I set the texture settings to manual HIGH and set the anistropy to triliniar, that seemed to fix the crashing.
316 days ago
An absolute amazing mod. its nice to see a 4th map released with this mod, it really brings in something new to the table of zombies.

Though sadly this mod greatly suffers from a graphical bug where the map and models would glitch out with stretched textures from off them. Or just random bits of glitched models that would appear and dissapear. Even zombies having this orange texture on them. This issue can be reduced by turning off specular maps and shadows but it doesnt fix it.

Unless this cant be fixed and preferred settings are requirel, then please inform me ^^
Thanks for the nice words, it took a lot of time and effort putting all the maps and the mod together, so it's always nice to hear if people enjoy it!

The texture glitching comes from T4m, i think in combination with some hardware but i'm not sure tbh. Only thing you can try is mess around with the texture settings.
Try setting the quality to manual, and then lowering them until the issue's are gone
322 days ago
Der Riese
New Realism version

Not really a Der Riese remake, but more a reimagination of the old classic. The layout is very similar, but there are a few twists and new areas to explore as well!
Follow the quest to dive into an adventure traveling between different dimensions, finding yourself at the gates of hell fighting off the evil horde!
Travel between the normal and the hell dimension, playing in two completely different looking maps in the same game!

This map requires T4M and it runs the Realism 3.0 mod, allowing you to level up your character and weapons and upgrade them while you progress.
T4M download:,8092.0.html

After installing the map, run the mod named 'New Realism' to load the map!
( You can also play any of the other New Realism maps and continue leveling up your character in those. All your progress transfers between New Realism maps: )
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Super special thanks to:
Tomikaze  -  The evil mastermind himself!  <3 ​​ None of these Realism maps, or even the new-realism mod itself would not have existed without you! It was insanely fun comming up with all the ideas and maps, and talking everything through.

Google Drive:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

330 days ago
Congrat's on the release, looks really cool and complete! I see you also got the hang of multiplayer replication now, do you have any links/documentation that could help me understand it? I would really appreciate it!

I made a pretty simple 'game' about a year ago, and i have the option to switch between TP and FP ingame. I could show you how i did that if you are interested, allthough i'm sure you can figure it out yourself after seeing this project! Really cool!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
358 days ago


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