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That's true, but the point is that 'self' can be anything, it's simply the variable/entity that called that function
3 days ago
It's the same as WaW, self is the variable that call's or thread's that funtion:
For example

level start_mission();

self thread episode_1(); // in this case 'self' is the level variable, that called it in the previous function
trig = getent( "door_trigger", "targetname" );

trig waittill( "trigger", player );

player thread open_door();

self iprintln( "you have opened a secret door!" ); // now 'self' is the player from the previous funtion, again 'the one' that called this function
4 days ago
Congrats on the release! This map is really something special with the different worlds. Really cool, nice job!
84 days ago
Dont use textures that have names ending with '_blend'
92 days ago
Overheating and cooldown etc are set in the weapon-file, and i'm pretty sure you can't acces/change those through script during the game..
Maybe you can create another weaponfile for the jetpack-version and switch between them
193 days ago
 Convert the curve-patch to a terrain-patch ( menubar:patch-》curve to terrain ) and then use the LMAP or natural setting from the surface inspector
366 days ago
oh my god Ok ok ok this is what it feels like in here strickly "YOU ARE SOME ONE ELSE" thats it, dead. by of all, sence when was it about time
To pin point what its about, the original postie, was ment to reflect the question. No its not even a question anymore... its obvious and no no no people dont even relize your post here blut. Yes, it is that... effort... if this guy would take his "own"? Efforts to make things right and not keep shit alive, and yes blut i'd be glad for you to read this and anyone who dont understand here whats going on that real world that there are and
Are not is that mental health is a seroius problem and people dont understand, (#its in the real world here!#.) That i dont acknowledge your roll?
That i can grab what ever i want? If i where to grab your stuff would you let me? would it be how you see my post? (you dont need to tell me i already get it, it just how it feels like for me.) that there are something in this world would tell others here not to accomplish there goals here?
I get it all am i capable here that i dont want to disrespect anybody here that would hurt there dreams or goals..
 but to "post" shit like this
was rude to others. And "always" was going to go that directions and alway was going to show it all... Stated.

...Also i literally cannot understand a word you are saying so can you like...slow down a bit m8. please.
^^^ this

and also:  :facepalm2:

Oh, and also:
If i where to grab your stuff would you let me?
Clearly i do, because i spend hours and hours of my free time learning this stuff and after i do i spent another few hours to create tutorials and videos FOR EVEYBODY to enjoy. What do i get in return, people like you..? Fuck it...
374 days ago
xD public vs private...
i think i choose private, yes you can do what every your reason that dont matter for me. Nor others for sure. Post like this makes people
Stayaway from ppl like you. And making a new newer account some one will notice for sure.
For public?
come on man just cause you see scripter or donator status do's not mean that ill magiclly appear. infact i made shit myself do i have to tell
All? Will it go to youtube Directly or automatically? (is this what your expecting?) NOOOOOOO becuase i dont need to deal with behavior like post from here xD. Or mostlikely from you.
dont confuse "your-reasons" on anything you cant "fix" cause ill just cause anything hilarious like this. am i public shaming? Possible if thats
What your after or dont get it at all then why have you joined ugx-mods? like you can run a successful site and wonderful ppl here or can you do a better one? I have my doubts here. Will i delete this post? probably not. I aim at one direction. [not to fuck up xD.]

It's not about status, it's about effort...
This game exists for about 10 years, this site goes way back. I joined in 2013, and even i was late to the game.
Forums useally have a community of 'regulars' and they know what to expect from each other. If you want to become a 'member' of that community you need to reach out a little...  You think i was just accepted as an elite scripter the first day? You get to know people and make friends, and help each other out. If you just come in and just take stuff with your attitude, that's fine you have the right to do so. But dont expect a warm welcome, as we have that right to do so as well :P

If you look through all my posts, i dare to say i only have maybe max 5 or 10 posts where i tell people how i feel about them. I'm the kind of person that believes in letting people have their own opinions and values, and respect that. But i'm also the kind of person that believes everbody gets what comming for them sooner or later.. Dont treat other people the way you dont want to be treated.
Unfortunately there's not really a community left anyway, so this whole rant is kinda pointless :'(

I was typing this post while you posted your reply, but i'm still posting it as it applies in a lot of general cases and in my opinion is the reason the forum is so quite these days. I feel like it's kinda common sense anyway, but maybe i'm old-fashioned..
374 days ago
ok, that's the end of me helping you in whatever way. Why do you think people dont like helping you if you behave like this..

The whole point of a forum is to create a database of knowledge, so if you want to know something you can simply search the forum and find an answer. ( i wish people actually did this, instead of just posting the same topics over and over. When i started modding i just spent hours reading the forums.. )

Why would you even bother removing your post? It's completely pointless.. And if you find a solution or tutorial you keep it to yourself or even delete the post? That's a dick-move..

I wish i wouldn't have sent you the link for the generators, you could had simply searched the forum Or maybe i should remove all my posts, since they are not usefull to me anymore...........
But sure you have the right to do so. :-\

374 days ago
a struct is not an entity, you cant move it or do anyhing with it except store some kvps basicly.
Think you can change the origin by just setting it, but using a function like move() or w/e wont work for structs..

You would have to find a way to work around that, spawn a script_origin and/or or replace them in radiant and adapt the scripts to work with those for example.

Not sure why it doesn't print at all, dont have any basic bo3 knowledge to tell if it's kvp's or something.. If i recall correctly using 'getentarray' on a single ent in waw would cause a script-error. Not sure if it would actually prevent the array from being created though, and if that's also the case in bo3..
404 days ago
Got it to build, but i get gpspawn on round 1 after first zombie kill, can you adjust, to make it like a reduced version? iv'e cleared out as much of my map as i can

hmm, sounds like it could be another issue as well maybe. But you could just remove the 'feature-pack' and run only the core-version of the mod to see if that helps. ( delete the _patch from your compiled-mods folder and the .IWD you built for it. Then open the new_realism.gsc and set all the features to false at the top of the script). NOTE: if you dont use a feature-pack .ff you need to compile your _patch.ff manually like you normally do!

have you tried enabling the 'cg_drawfps 2' console command, it also lists the entity-count. I wonder if it's a g-spawn caused by a script, or that you're really that close to it..
407 days ago
mate, you got skype/discord, kino is a fuckin mess, and i need to discuss what can and can't be scrapped to fir this in, let me know, cheers

When you install it to an existing map, pretty much every stock-script that is commonly used is overwritten. So you basicly end up with your map + the mod on it, but none of your Original custom sripted features. Things like an EE or a custom boss that where allready in your map are most likely overwritten by.gsc's from Realism, and you would have to re-add them. ( unless they are all in newly added .gsc's but scripts like _zombiemode, _zombiemode_spawner, _zombiemode_powerups, _zombiemode_utility, _laststand,  etc etc are all included in the mod and will be overwritten )

Just add it like in the tutorial, and see if the map loads or if you need to re-script stuff to get it working. Once you get to that point, figure out what actually is still working, and what's not. And decide if you want to re-add it or not.
If you are affraid the map itself might be 'too big', for greenhouse i had over 800 images loaded just for the map. With all features except the Juggernauts this still worked.

I had some issue's loggin into Skype, but i think i'm good now and can get back into my old account. Should still have you on there from way back i think, unfortunately i prob wont be online untill sunday though..
408 days ago
Then it's prob the hitbox.. I believe it get generatedfor your model as long as they have the correct hierarchy, bone-names etc. Obv that's not going to happen for your spider model vs the roebuck-hitbox.
Think if you use the xmodel as hitbox it could work, as long as you have a collision-lod on your .xmodel ( i've had problems with this as well, but it's been a while. Cant remember everything exactly. )
408 days ago
Could also be the setup in your aitype possibly? Make sure it's on the axis team
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
408 days ago


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