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Really looking forward to the release of this awesome mod! Keep up the great work. AWESOME!
2530 days ago
Halting remaining progress on my map until this releases. Really excited. Excellent work UGX, this mod looks incredible.
2537 days ago
You are using bamskater's BO1 perks, right? I'd suggest reporting the issues to him (although I think he already knows about Flopper). Or wait for UGX Mod 1.1 which I think will provide built-in support for these perks.

- Phil.

Yes, I am. I have also talked to him a couple times, and he says he will update his tutorial once ZM is working again. I don't see this as being anytime soon... And even if it is, he has his hands tied in another map, and I'm not entirely confident he has much motivation to fix it... I also don't want to include the UGX mod in my map. It isn't that I have anything against it, or you guys here. I just don't want to "brand" my map one way or the other, and I want to keep my map having a classic zombies feel, without all the crazy drops/other things that UGX mod or ZCT mod include.

i know the fix of the mule kick but it took too much work to do it.

but for get it working you need this files:


I edited the post to include them. If you already know how to do it, I would really appreciate some help. If you don't think you have the time, I understand, but keep in mind I have limited knowledge of scripting, and I DEFINITELY can't fix it myself :/

Either way, thank you all for your input. I hope this updated post will be of more help to anyone who decides to try fixing it.

2542 days ago
Hello all, I have a small request for anyone who thinks they can re-write this script to work properly. Of course, credit will be given for your help. I have tried myself to figure this one out, but unfortunately I simply lack the scripting knowledge to fix it. I've put it off until now, but it is currently one of the last things I REALLY want to get work for my map. I recently used bamskater's tutorial to port in the 4 Black Ops 1 perks for my custom zombies map. Unfortunately, the scripts are slightly lacking , and a few features don't work properly. I will include a paste-bin link at the bottom to the two scripts that need work.

PHD Flopper: PHD flopper is most likely the easiest of the two to fix. The perk itself works great, but the player's screen still shows splash damage with the perk equipped, even though they are not actually taking damage.

Mule Kick: Mule kick might be a bit more of a challenge. It seems that when the player is holding a box weapon, the perk doesn't recognize it as a weapon. So, if the player has one box weapon and one wall gun, the perk will give the player TWO more gun slots, as it thinks the player only has one gun, and he/she will end up with 4 gun slots


(I decided to include my entire MAPNAME.GSC in case you need to see variables called, ect.)
Mule kick is located on line: 222

Apparently Mule Kick also needs these files in order to be fixed:


(PHD is located in my _zombiemode.GSC)
PHD Flopper (specialty_detectexplosives) is located on line: 2579


If anyone thinks they can re-write the script to work properly, I would REALLY appreciate it. If I can't find a fix, I will most likely remove both of these perks from the map, and I'd really like to keep them. Thank you in advanced to any of you who look into this, I really appreciate the help, as I really don't have the knowledge to do it myself.

2543 days ago
Everything on this site should be good and safe. The mods on this site are active and always looking out for any bad links/etc. You should be fine. ALTHOUGH I wouldn't recommend browsing the internet without an anti virus. Norton has been awesome for me. very trustworthy software, and not that expensive.
2544 days ago
2548 days ago
When i got to over round 20 then the zombies one-hit me with juggernog. Pls Fix this when it is a bug.
Sorry for my bad English

You most likely hit yourself with the wunderwaffe. If you electricute yourself, you become a one-two hit in most WAW maps
2548 days ago
Post a picture of your water terrain patch from Radiant - I want to see the vertices. It's likely that you actually have the directions turned on some of your vertices - CoDMapper has a video on this

CoDRadiant: Water Tutorial HD

Sorry, I should have updated this after I fixed it. For some odd reason I only get the graphical glitch when using "Seelow 1". Any other texture works fine, and even going back to "Seelow 1" on a fresh brush didn't fix it. I found a better looking texture anyway, but I think it may have something to do with the vertices, as on one side of the diagonal vertice, it seemed to be fine, but on the other side of the "imaginary diagonal line down the middle" that water seemed washed out and bright. Either way, it's fixed now, but hopefully anyone else who has this problem can try either changing the textures, or flipping their vertices diagonals.
2551 days ago
Link seemed to me broken aswell, a look at it per directlink and it worked in the forum aswell: <<< direct link to image (you are welcome)

That link is broken as well ;)

EDIT: Apparently you just need to copy/paste. clicking doesn't work
EDIT EDIT: Apparently I'm stupid, the direct link works fine now
2552 days ago
Can't help you with the risers, but there are KVP lists everywhere for those (I know mods repository should have a page on it) but for the hill, this should help (this is a tutorial series on terrain patching in general. I would learn to use this ALOT if you intend on having rough terrain in your map)

Advanced terrain series : Part 1: Introduction, basic patch creation, theory and approach.

Good luck, hope this helps! :D
2553 days ago
Sounds like you just want a normal trigger_use.You'll need a custom script for that obviously. The other two things would be additions to that script basically.
Here's a basic script that I threw together from scratch, no guarantees, I'm not on my dev machine and can't test:
#include common_scripts\utility;
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

    trigs = GetEntArray("tiki_charm", "targetname");
    array_thread(trigs, ::tiki_trigger_think);
    level thread tiki_watcher(trigs.size);

    self waittill("trigger");
    level notify("tiki_charm_hit");
    self Delete();

    for(i = 0; i < num; i++)
        level waittill("tiki_charm_hit");
    door = GetEnt("tiki_door", "targetname");
    door NotSolid();
    door ConnectPaths();
    door MoveZ(-200, 2);
    door waittill("movedone");
    door Delete();
trigger_use of tiki charms: targetname = tiki_charm
Door: targetname = tiki_door

- Phil.

I appreciate the reply phil! Fortunately, with the help of another scripter, I got a working script now. It's actually fairly similar to yours, and basically works the same way. Thanks for your help though!
2557 days ago
reminds me of dead island looks great

2558 days ago
Map looks fucking amazing man, love the modern tropical style. One thing though, did you remember to set the Jukebox YouTube variable to false because of your custom songs? :)

Really excited to see this released, and too bad it won't have UGX Mod on it. Nice formatting on your topic, too.

Thanks! I'm still working on getting the custom songs in the Jukebox (that's one of the few things in the features list I'm currently working on) but I'll be sure to change that text to notify YouTubers :D
2558 days ago
Welcome to Paradise!

This is my 2nd custom zombies map for COD5 WAW. The idea was to create a daylight map, with almost everything opposite of what you would expect in a zombies map. Warm, inviting, and tropical!

The map itself is set to be a (medium) challenge. It has few locations where circle strategy is possible, and all of these do not include weapons nearby for ammo. There is a buyable ending Easter Egg for 50K, as well as Der Riese style teleporters. I implemented these almost entirely for those of you who enjoy the camping aspect of zombies! they are all in dead-end locations of the map, and give you a chance to escape in case things don't go your way.


Map Progress:

 -No Dog Rounds
 -90 FOV
 -Der Riese style teleporters
 -5 hit jugg
 -hitting yourself with the Wunderwaffe no longer make you a 1-2 hit down
 -UGX Jukebox (with custom music)
 -Working Solo revive (BO1 style)
 -All 4 WAW Perks
 -PHD Flopper
 -Easter Egg Buyable Ending
 -Ported Weapons
 -Custom Zombie Skins/Eyes
  I will continue to add more as they are added to the map!


(Imgur Album)'



 -Bamskater33--- BO1 Perk importing tutorial
 -SajeOne--------- Help with Scripting/errors/other
 -Treminaor------- Help with Scripting/errors/other
 -OnlineX420----- Perk Machine Models/scripting help
 -Delta------------- Scripting Help
 -SniperBolt------- map built of his tutorial base, WAW Perks + PAP + Windows
 -YaPh1l----------- Help with Scripting/errors/other
 -Gtlad------------- Easter Egg Scripting

NOTE: If I missed you, please let me know! I tried my best to credit everyone whom I got significant help from/prefabs/models/script/etc. If you believe you should be here, let me know, and I will gladly add you
2558 days ago
First off, I will try to be as specific as possible. The Easter Egg I want to achieve is fairly simple, but seeing as I know very little of scripting much outside of the basics, I'll need some help. I'll give whoever is willing to help me full credit for their work. Thanks!

I would like to make a simple 5-piece Easter Egg. I have created a "tiki charm" prefab out of small brushes, and custom textures to be my "targets", and they are scattered throughout my map. I have also created a "tiki charm temple" (If you haven't guessed already my map is tropical themed). In the temple are important things such as the final teleporter to my map, a buyable ending, and PAP. I already have a text string display at the beginning of the map briefing the player on what he/she needs to do, here's where I need someones help:

How would I go about:

 -Creating a text string pop up when near a trigger on the charm saying "Hold (x) to Activate Tiki Charm"
 -Once all charms are active, open a door


 -once all charms are active, create the hissing sound and screen shaking just like when activating the 3rd telporter on a Der Riese - Style map (I already have teleportes, the script is all there, would it be as simple as a copy/paste?)
 -A small counter on the HUD created when 1 of 5 tiki charms have been activated, and destroyed once all 5 have been activated

Thank you in advanced for reading if you got this far, I appreciate it. Like I said, any help would be much appreciated, and the two extras were merely out of curiosity of their difficulty to implement. If anyone thinks they can help me with this, I'd love to credit you for your work. Thank You! :D
2558 days ago


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