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I still do not understand why people don't want to share assets. Shouldn't it be fine if you just give them credit at release? If I had the scripting skill and or time to make the staffs I would put it up for download.
1775 days ago
Is anyone also getting really laggy and poor performance during multiplayer and zombies? It is really frustrating and confusing because I have 50 to 70 frames all the time then I get random lag and the game freezes.
1815 days ago
The hype is real right now but I am not sure if this will be some sort of publicity stunt of some sort. Overall I am glad to see a possibility of custom material and maps in black ops 3.
1819 days ago
Ok thanks for clearing that up will try it out!
1827 days ago
Ok but I have absolutely no idea how to find this old version of it. Are there any other 3d programs that can support Cod Waw.
1828 days ago
So I am interested in porting things from Bo2 but I can't with out Maya 2012 since that is the only version that has the xmodels and xanims exporter. I can't find where I can get this version of maya.
1828 days ago
Can you guys give some help with this. Is there an option to turn off updates and notifications of update. Windows is getting really annoying now.
1837 days ago
Alright got it thanks alot! ;D ;D
1842 days ago
Ok thank you guys. I am Photoshopping a Black Ops 2 Style background I couldn't find a way to test it. Will try it out.

Double Post Merge: October 10, 2015, 09:03:43 pm
I had an issue with MakeCents custom menu thing. It worked perfectly but I want to go in and replace the images and sounds to the ones I made and I do not know how to implement them.
1843 days ago
Any body know how to add menu backgrounds?
1843 days ago
I am wondering how I can import and use a custom back rounds for the menu of my mod.
1847 days ago
I have my upgraded gun with custom camo and stats and others. But when I pap the machine gives me nothing. What am I missing in the scripts?
1853 days ago
Ok the key is converting a model again with different textures? Then adding it to an upgraded weapon file.
1854 days ago
Can somebody give me a quick run down on how to add PAP guns from normal ported weapons.
1854 days ago


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