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I still do not understand why people don't want to share assets. Shouldn't it be fine if you just give them credit at release? If I had the scripting skill and or time to make the staffs I would put it up for download.
1778 days ago
Is anyone also getting really laggy and poor performance during multiplayer and zombies? It is really frustrating and confusing because I have 50 to 70 frames all the time then I get random lag and the game freezes.
1818 days ago
The hype is real right now but I am not sure if this will be some sort of publicity stunt of some sort. Overall I am glad to see a possibility of custom material and maps in black ops 3.
1822 days ago
Ok thanks for clearing that up will try it out!
1830 days ago
Ok but I have absolutely no idea how to find this old version of it. Are there any other 3d programs that can support Cod Waw.
1830 days ago
So I am interested in porting things from Bo2 but I can't with out Maya 2012 since that is the only version that has the xmodels and xanims exporter. I can't find where I can get this version of maya.
1831 days ago


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