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Can't wait to play this beauty! GO FASTER, DAMN DOWNLOAD  :rainbow:
1330 days ago
Nice ! don't know why 3arc hasn't fixed this yet. Thanks !
1548 days ago
Woah that looks great  :rainbow:
1577 days ago
I think you can set something up in soundalias. Cant remember atm how, but there is a way to link them somehow

Alright let me know, i'll try to see if I find anything :)

Damn it, why did I answer to this topic :-\

Oh so that's how you thank me ? :o then I would remove it if I could!
1605 days ago
Thank you for your help HitmanVere :)

I did your changes. What I got working was that the round sounds are sucessfully disabled while the song is played.

However, the background music (mx_wave_1 overwritten with custom csv) keeps playing, even between rounds as they are no more round sounds to stop it. don't know if it makes sense xD

Fact is, when I trigger the song between rounds, the ambient music stops playing correctly. It seems that I can't stop it while it's playing.

But prehaps I could turn down the volume or something ? I don't know...

Btw you had 666 respects, I saved you by adding one ^^
1605 days ago
level.song_playing_now = false;
level.eggs = 0;
level.trig_mus_count = 0;

trigs = getEntArray("radio_music_trigs","targetname");

for(i=0; i<trigs.size; i++)
trigs[i] thread watch_radio();

self SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
self playLoopSound("ee_song_loop");
self waittill("trigger", player);

playsoundatposition( "ee_song_affirm", player.origin );
self StopLoopSound();


if(level.song_playing_now == false && level.trig_mus_count == 3)
level.song_playing_now = true;
level.eggs = 1;
thread play_plr_song();
player waittill("song_done");

wait 0.1;
level.song_playing_now = false;
level.eggs = 0;
self delete();

players = get_players();
for(i=0; i<players.size; i++)
players[i] playsound("ee_song", "song_done");

there you go, sorry if it's messy ^^'
1605 days ago
Tried that, doesn't work :/ do I need to return it from my script's function to zombiemode ?
1606 days ago
Hi everyone,

Basically I wrote a script to play an easter egg song. But I would like to mute the ambient music and the round sounds while it's playing.

Thanks for the help ^^
1607 days ago
Stunning work! thanks for giving us this awesome map! I can feen all the hard work done just by playing it  :gusta:
1607 days ago
In the function "harrybo21_perks_swapping_perk_watch_for_reset()" try:

while( 1 )
level waittill( "between_round_over" );
triggers = getEntArray( "harrybo21_swapping_vending", "script_noteworthy" );
if ( !isDefined( triggers ) || triggers.size < 1 || level.round_number % 5 != 0) // Check here, continue if not valid round.

level.round_swapped = false;

Works perfectly, thank you very much :D
1613 days ago
Hello everyone.

I am using HarryBo21's swapping perk machine prefab (like in moon).
The script is designed like so : the perks swap every rounds. But I would like them to swap every 5 rounds.

I already tried this, without sucess:

in _zombiemode_perks.gsc

line 1244
//fusorf edit
if(level.round_number % 5 == 0)

The above code does not work, the perk machines still swaps every round.
1613 days ago
People, this is my 115th post on this forum  :P
1614 days ago

Tell me what you think here or in the Youtube comments :D

1615 days ago
Hi guys :)

I never used fog, and fx's in radiant so far, I would need some help with that.

Basically the map is set in a desert, that's why I would like to add some distant fog,
and sand moved by the wind. I don't know where to start.

Thanks :)
1626 days ago
(Content removed from quote.)
Stuffy appears to have pretty much nailed it here tbh.

Just WOW! :o
1626 days ago


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