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Hi everyone,

Basically I wrote a script to play an easter egg song. But I would like to mute the ambient music and the round sounds while it's playing.

Thanks for the help ^^
1363 days ago
Hello everyone.

I am using HarryBo21's swapping perk machine prefab (like in moon).
The script is designed like so : the perks swap every rounds. But I would like them to swap every 5 rounds.

I already tried this, without sucess:

in _zombiemode_perks.gsc

line 1244
//fusorf edit
if(level.round_number % 5 == 0)

The above code does not work, the perk machines still swaps every round.
1369 days ago

Tell me what you think here or in the Youtube comments :D

1371 days ago
Hi guys :)

I never used fog, and fx's in radiant so far, I would need some help with that.

Basically the map is set in a desert, that's why I would like to add some distant fog,
and sand moved by the wind. I don't know where to start.

Thanks :)
1382 days ago
I realised that Grief mode on black ops 3 could be really great.
Would the modtools allow scripters to code that mode into existing maps?

I've heard you cannot edit stock scripts for now...
1383 days ago
Hi everyone :)
I started a new project, and I would like to use some of the models from black ops 2, from Buried.
But I don't have the game, and downloading illegaly wouldn't be a solution as I heard Lime doesn't work with it. so nope.

Do you know if someone made a downloadable models pack or something?
1387 days ago
I'm scripting an easter egg song system for my map. It's all working except for the sound the triggers makes before being activated (the buzzing sound), and the sound that plays when you press F.

here's the code.

triggers[i] thread detect_song_activation();


self playsound("ee_song_loop");       //    <<<<<----------- here
self waittill("trigger", player);
self trigger_off();
self StopLoopSound();

self playsound ("ee_song_activate");       //    <<<<<----------- here


if(level.trig_mus_count == 3)
thread play_ee_song();
player waittill("song_done");

self delete();
wait 0.1;

What did I do wrong ? ^^ i'll add that the sounds are working if I play it on the players with a player playsound / for loop.
1402 days ago
Black Ops III HQ Perk Shaders
Pack v3

This pack contains all the perk shaders from Black Ops 3 & all the powerups.

These are very close to raw assets, but are not. They come from a raw 2560x1440 QHD screenshot. (I had to sacrifice a perkaholic  :D)
They come in .iwi and .dds format.

As always, feel free to use them!


-added 4 custom made shaders : (vulture aid, phd flopper, tombstone and who's who)

-added firesale shader

Do you have custom perks/powerups shaders you would like to do in bo3 style? there you go, free templates!


1407 days ago
Hey guys!

I have been thinking of a way to unlock the PaP in my map, the thing is I barely know where to start to implement it in game.
I know how to code (C and Java), but i'm lost when it comes to Waw : in which file to write, and how to link the script to ingame events in radiant?

I'm basically looking for someone to assist me with making this script. Not necessarily make everything for me, as I would like to learn so that I can do it by myself in the future. :)

Here's the idea :

Every 2 rounds until round 15, a plane passes by over the map. You have to shoot it with a rocket launcher. You can only hit it once every round. Each hit adds fire to one of its engines, and when it was hit 4 times, the plane crashes down, dropping the pack a punch on the map.

I know it's very specific and kinda complex but if you guys could help me with this and teach me a bit it would be awesome  :gusta:

1409 days ago
Hi everyone :D

I am using NSZ's weapons and HarryBO21's perks in my mod. This took me over the 400fx limit, so I would like to remove some weapons from Waw and from NSZ's pack. How to properly do it ? thanks for the help :)
1413 days ago
Just leaving this here  :D

Did you enjoy this Zombies storyline ? what are your expectations for DLC 4 ?  :nyan:
1414 days ago
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I came across a youtube video showing a recording session of the song "Archangel". I got the instrumental version of the song from this video and mixed it with Richtofen's laugh.

I'm quite happy with the result so i'm sharing this with you guys.
Feel free to use it in your maps if you like! :)

preview : here
1422 days ago
Hi guys !

I have been looking for the background music that plays in the background in my custom map.
this one

I would like to replace it without changing the script but I don't know it's alias name.
Could you help me out ? :)
1429 days ago
Hi everyone !
I tried to reskin the Ray Gun using this tutorial :
but all I get is a white ray gun :

Any ideas on why it does that ?
1444 days ago
Scientists have decided to name it after Moscow, where it was created for the first time.

It's now called : Moscovium (Mc)

What do you think about this name ? ^^
1446 days ago


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