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Thank you bro. +1 respect to you :nyan:
853 days ago
At least give us Stamina instead of Quick revive... 4 bosses are a pain in the *ss in just one try without quick revive... :'(

1159 days ago
The map looks interesting, keep the good work ;D
1167 days ago
You can only install one map with the realism mod at a time, they are supposed to overwrite each other that's how the stats are 'saved'. Just keep the installers in one folder and if you want to switch maps run the installer, takes two mins to switch a map but was the most reliable way..

*Hearth Broken slowly*  :ok:
1179 days ago
@BluntStuffy, thanks for reply. By the way, when i install Industrial Estate replace nuktown, and viceverse. I've try to change the map names and lost my level 45 :-\ :-\ :'( :'(
1179 days ago
Hi @BluntStuffy,

first of all, thanks por this awesome mod. Any chance we can have this in Clinic of Evil or Das Herrenhaus?  :nyan: :nyan:
1182 days ago
It looks so good, Thank you for still working on WAW  :D :D
1208 days ago
Where is jug i cant seem to find it i bet im looking right past it?

Library. Just keep searching at the Library  ::)
1279 days ago
First time i see this. only works on campaign and original zombie maps?
1351 days ago
I love it when people post the "see console for details" part of the error...

And i love you, becuase why not?  :pffft:
1433 days ago
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Oh dear Lord  :o :o :o :o
I was literally wait for this map since before you changed your nickname to c.h.n.... ( :troll:) and of course, before that i was waiting for your Farm Swamp's der rise mod.

Now days its a must have put BO3 features into awesome maps like this one. Wanna thank you for dedicate time to finish this map in WaW and not just canceled and port into BO3 modtools. #Respect.
1445 days ago
Of course, should've seen this coming.

Minecraft maps in BO3.

 :please: :alone:

Looks good gg.

Same same.
1446 days ago
Now days it's a little harder to know friends who play WaW zombies. Even now if that fellas doesn't have T4M. So if someone wanna play zombies just add me.

Zombie Maps i have so far (red ones are from multiplayer).
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Steam user: eliudjb
WaW user: eliudjb
1452 days ago
Soviet Union Theme? on a secret military base under a graveyard, with russian zombies (Like that map, Penguin)
1454 days ago

Goodbye is such a sad word
because it means an end
to the things two people had
and farewells to a friend.
But goobye is not forever;
paths cross in mysterious ways.
It be I´ll suprise you
and you´ll see me one of
these days.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1455 days ago


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