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btw, theres a problem when pap the same gun 3 times, it gave you just some bullets without stock ammo
1420 days ago
1426 days ago
It is working on nosTEAM version? Is for my friends cousin...  ::)
1438 days ago
Seems like no one remember Origins teaser trailer back in 2013...

So, where's my Nacht/Shi No Numa/Verruckt/Ascension/Kino/Shangri-La/Moon remake in Ultra full HD 4K 100% real no fake for Black Ops 2 all this years?  ::)

1451 days ago
There is nothing wrong with the Perk sound
PAP is stationary in a new area now, no longer buildable
PAP Camo was fine before, although a new one is coming
What even is a "bonification"?

-About the perks; I was refering to the jingle that sounds on the random perk machine. Have to sound a bit louder.
-PaP camo are fine, but i dont like it (Thank god you gonna change it).
-Bonification (x2 points, Max ammo, Nuke, random perk bottles, Insta Kill...)

Btw, gonna have traps?

1468 days ago
Cant say for sure, all depends on how much extra I decide to add to the map and how the image limit treats me, im over it atm and using T4M but I want the release to not need T4M

Still my top 3 maps ever (As i say when you release it for the competition). Just don't forget to fix the bonifications on high rounds, change that awful PAP Camo, Fix the sound on perks when are randomized and make the PAP machine random during the game (Like CotD).
Cheers buddy. ;D ;D
1468 days ago
man, just... really? I mean, there are other great MP maps that you can remake and you choose to do the 4th MP_castle remake for zombies?  :(

What about Corrosion, Knee Deep, Nightfire, Hangar, Station, Upheaval, Outskirts? That maps could be a new thing here on zombies ::)

1496 days ago
I can't add more perks, perks = trigger ,ents and brush If I added 2 or 3 brushes the map will crash when I compile it, this is not a problem with t4m, images,ents etc... even I hit these limits ,but it's a bsp limits .

If France won the EURO 2016, you update the map with t4m. It´s a deal?  ;)
1499 days ago
Nobody found the free blundergat ,free mors and 2500 bonus points ?  :)

I´ve found the free blundegat on my first gameplay (replacing my Paped, sadly). BTW, it´s cool having 2 brutus behind you. dont know if only works with a glitch or we´re chased by 2 or more in high rounds...
1507 days ago
Yeah thank you ;), I'm working on this problem + another bugs report.

(another thing) many people told me to add more perks and stuff etc... but I can't add more stuff/perks in this map, if I add 1 image in the map the game crash because of the limitations.

T4M version maybe... ::)
1511 days ago
Very detailed, replayable and cool map. Have a real creepy feeling. If you'll going to update this gorgeous map, maybe you may try to add some things:

- Stevie's BO3 perk shaders.
- Add an animation when you falldown into the pit.
- Add Another boss (like The Butcher, from chroma's Collinwood Psychiatric Hospital).
- Add more guns.
- Dolphin Dive/Slide.
- Add 1 or 2 more traps.
- Make Brutus a little more faster.
- Use BO3 vending machines
- Add Stevie's muzzleflashes with/without PaP.

This is more like a wish list, but at least add another boss pls :please:
1514 days ago
This is the way how to do an Update (besides 1.x versions fixing bugs). Congrats Stevie, you own my heart<3
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1546 days ago
Congrats for 1.1 release. This one is on my top 5 custom maps ever. I dont really like that you change the camo, since that was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! already.

Keep going on your next project (BO1´s Perish)  :D ;)
1558 days ago


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