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Messages - Sidzzz

Not sure if this is just me being stupid but the only map i can load is five and it kinda breaks all the models it says im missing some sort of alias for a honor guard zombie which im clueless on help would be appreciated
Verify integrity of game files using Steam.
Redownload and reinstall the mod making sure you follow the instructions carefully and making sure you have SE2Dev's Game Mod installed.
4 years ago
I still remember back in like 2015 in the WAW days how I'd struggle to find custom weapon ports because I didn't know how to port back then :D Well and the rules regarding asset posting were a lot stricter back then.

But now thanks to you, no new modder will likely ever experience that pain lmao. Great stuff, Skye! :)
6 years ago
Damn, looking pretty sexy :o
6 years ago
yea i know but can you run this mod with the perk mod?
lol no 
6 years ago
Most installers can be directly opened with an unzipping program like Winrar or 7-zip. Just directly open the .exe with 7-zip and you can find the mod folder inside.
6 years ago
I have been playing this mod for quite a while now ( 4 player co-op)
mainly on kino cause its hard to high round the other map but there is a --reaper perk pack--- that would make this mod even greater if all the perk machine can be included with your mod i know its kinda annoying to hear this but is there any way this is possible?
...Awaiting response...

im noob in these stuff But i can play it with my friends ?
Yes you can.

Where can I find the game with this cost and can it be sent to Egypt?
6 years ago
the site still says:
UGX Chat Moderator (4x) under
UGX-Mods - Staff
 but we dont have chat anymore:D

Yes but Discord qualifies as a 'Chat'. 
6 years ago
If you actually bought the game legitimately via Steam or a physical CD, you wouldn't need to use Tunngle or any such alternative. You can find players through the forum or Discord or anywhere, add them in-game and invite them to a game. Or you can even browse for game lobbies in-game. But if you're using a pirated version of the game however, you will not receive any support here.
Rule number 6 -
6 years ago
I was actually hoping for the raw files from Black Ops mod tools from steam?  Could you send me the map file for mp_discovery?  I know the map file existed.
You said it yourself, get it from Steam. You should be able to download them directly from Steam unless you don't have an official version of the game. And if you're using a cracked copy of the game, then you will not get any help here. Rule number 6 -
6 years ago
there is probably alot glitches/bugs to be found but i havent played enough although ive found the same glitch on moon happens on acsension with dm also if you i think kill the monkeys on ascension with ice staff the round wont change just like the sliquifier with thief.
Yeah all my testers kind of lost interest in the mod after initial release and as such almost no one tested v1.1 before release. 
6 years ago
The QED error was like non cached weapon or something il test it later
The c4 is like when you hit the box normally it shows weapons then slows down and stops on your weapon it rolls now it only shows a c4 untill last second then shows the weapon and this happens across all maps of 1.1 so far

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 05:24:08 am

also just occurred a new glitch on moon and its with zap guns
It happened when i hit the box and saw zap guns come up but these's weren't any zap guns they act like default weapon and use your other weapon in a strange way i also went and recorded some of the glitches/errors
1.This one shows zap gun glitch and death machine
2.This one is five the ice staff doesn't show its particles and sliquifier breaking the theif

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 05:28:05 am

Also forgot the box glitch thing
Alright, thanks for the info. Will update when I can. 
6 years ago
after trying 1.1 i found the ice staff still breaks the spawns on windows on kino and the box now will only show the c4 till the last second then show what gun you get is that intentional?

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 03:54:33 am

After giving this a few more trys i encountered several game breaking errors
now number 1 is just minor but annoying
1. death machine glitch now on moon when you pickup the dm drop it doesn't appear in your hands also the user can sprint while its active and can knife while active is this intentional?
2.had a glitch on moon with the qed i think how its spelled that it spawned a raygun that crashed the match not the game came up with a error so that was annoying this one someone mentioned but didnt go in detail its the pentagon thief and sliquifier
now what happened i was on round 21 with pap an-94 paped, wind staff paped, also sliquifier, all perks going for a decent round now round 21 pentagon thief comes out i shoot him with sliquifier and he vanishes but the round wont change and the max/fire or bond fire wont drop and its stuck on round 21 i also looked at the console and it says
Actor_updateyeinformation: actor dobj doesn't have tag_eye(c_usa_pent_zombie_officeworker_body)
4. now kino seems to work as intended no problems there
5. and so far ascension works as intended except the sicle has a glitchy animation
1. Someone already mentioned that, will be fixed soon.
2. I didn't change anything to do with QED. That isn't me. It might be due to general lack of memory because of how intensive the mod is. Did you catch the error name?
3. Will look into.
5. Will look into.

As to the C4, I don't get what you mean. Are you not able to pickup the C4 from the box? Have you checked your inventory for them? (They're activated with the same button used by the claymore)
6 years ago
On Moon the death machine has a bug , it doesn't appear  :'( :'( :'(
What do you mean? Does the power up not appear? Or does the weapon not appear in your hands when you pick up the powerup? Describe the issue please.

the ice staff was pretty weak in five, killing the zombies with two shots in low rounds, is it normal?
Will look into. 
6 years ago
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