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That was some INTENSE GAMEPLAY there dude!

Also what recording software is that lol
1467 days ago
You added True Survivor into the map you brilliant bastard!  :D Also, am I hearing the tourettes guy screaming in the main menu music?

Oh also, the players have origins viewhands........
1467 days ago
modding as in mod menus or custom maps and weapons?
1494 days ago
It happens to me to but not when I make my own map it's when I load other customs zombies maps. Please help

How many maps are we talking here? Whoever made those maps didn't add the mod into the map correctly.But, I'm not the creator of those maps so I couldn't really tell you. You downloading the mod shouldn't affect other maps.
1504 days ago
in _zomiemode change:

			set_zombie_var( "zombie_between_round_time", 		10 );

set_zombie_var( "zombie_spawn_delay", 2.5 );

The "zombie_spawn_delay" is the delay between each seperate zombie spawn.

Would deacreasing zombie_spawn_delay cause errors in-game?
1510 days ago
Probably the ugx mod doing that. Remove it and see what happens.
1510 days ago
Definitely looks like a year's worth of work! Can't wait to try it out!
1514 days ago
You can't do that. You're basically stuck in a ginormous wall. There is a tutorial on how to set up skyboxes in the modding wiki
1514 days ago
You broke alpha channel aka where the blending is

Are you saying that I have to make it a blend texture?
1514 days ago
I'll bump once and see if anyone knows.. If not, then oh well I guess
1515 days ago
How did you add the skybox in? By model or by pressing N and adding tags?

Probably did the first option
1515 days ago
Did you set up the climbing anims and add pathnodes?
1515 days ago
I had the exact same problem and couldn't figure out how to fix it until somebody told me to just add this into your mapname.gsc:

AHA! I forgot how to fix this a while ago thank you!
1520 days ago
Maybe you didn't convert everything correctly. Maybe you should include it in your mod.csv. I don't know there's not much to work with here.
1520 days ago

So yeah, that's just my little update as of now. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to declare the mod as "done", but when it's reached a level of which I'm satisfied with, then I'll begin beta testing and prep for release. As specified much earlier, I mentioned how I'm working on mods of all four WaW zombie maps, in addition to Kino Der Toten and Call of the Dead. I'm still debating on whether to release them one at a time, or together as one huge download. It'll probably come down to the latter, but we'll find out when we get there!
hit me up if you need someone for beta testing!  ;)
1525 days ago


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