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Well I got the golden space suit, whoo. Still didn't get the buyable ending, but honestly that's probably not essential, I guess.
1112 days ago
Thanks for downloading, There is a buyable ending, its on a room after you beat the easteregg. Plus, have you done the golden space suit easteregg?

Oh, I see! No, I haven't got that far yet. I thought I'd done everything I could do in the map, my aplogies. Also no, never got to see the Golden Space Suit, I'm not even sure where it is. A hint, perhaps, or is it really obvious and I'm just stupid? I can never tell.
1113 days ago
So, I went in this expecting another boxmap with like one window and no custom weapons or items. As I was playing, I was expecting another long boxmap with no training spots and idiotic pricings. What I got was..well, a corridor and boxmap put together, but a very enjoyable map with a lot of training spots, some nice visual gimmicks, a few little addtions and weapons, all current Perks and an obscenely in-depth Easter Egg that goes from standard to batsh*t in seconds. I just kind of wish there was a buyable ending, as it's kind of boring to survive to high rounds when...well, there's but one window on the map, but honestly I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Good job.

1115 days ago
Yay, I love it when great maps with a lot of time put into them are ruined by invincible bosses and the worst Pack-a-Punch room I've ever fucking seen since Ascension! I don't care if it's part of the Easter Egg and whatever, having a boss that won't die, is fast and kills you as easily as any other zombie IS NOT FUN. Not that it matters, I suppose...this map's been out so long...and at least it has the only Sten that isn't held by the magazine, so points for that I guess.
1219 days ago
If I had a Point (or a Jolt, maybe) for every time someone put the Panzer Soldat in a custom map, especially when they spawn long before the player is able to fight them, I'd have enough for one of MidgetBlaster's buyable endings. Would it at least be possible to stop the Panzers spawning until after the power is on? The map area is narrow as it is, and its hard to fight a PZ with wall weapons and no Jug.
1311 days ago
Okay, I'm going to be brief. This map makes me angry. It's not only annoying, it's unfinished. A lot of the background is plain as day, you can see where the map just ends in multiple areas, the layout is confusing and the way forwards isn't always clear, nothing is explained, the zombie soldiers with their guns that can kill you in only a few shots and have to be fought to get the power on can fuck right off and I fell through the map in the first zone (to the left of the railway building doors). I'd certainly like to try a lot of the features touted in the description, but frankly I don't have the patience and the two main ways I found to go ended in dead-ends anyway. So...yeah. Not a fan.
1527 days ago
There are no jumpscares.

Brilliant! Thank you for not doing that! It only makes this map better!

Though I must admit, I DO have one problem with the map; Fire Zombies. A personal bug bear of mine, but considering you HAVE to keep away from them or else they basically one-shot you, putting them in a closed and cramped map is...annoying, to say the least.
1555 days ago
Eey, it's looking pretty good so far! I like the polish that's gone into it. The Cross of Death is just...odd, though.

Right, I know this is a stupid question but I'm making damn sure; are there are jumpscares in this map? 'Cause I feel like this looks like the kind of map that'd do that.
1557 days ago

Stamina works at certain intervals.
(Image removed from quote.) just randomly turns itself off?

...Well I suppose that's ONE way to add challenge. Still, thank you for replying. :) If I ever get 'round to making my own maps, that snippet of code might just come in handy.
1582 days ago
Lovely. Just lovely. Kind of feels like what Der Riese would be like if it was made with Black Ops-era design. I DO have a few problems, though. Specifically, the teleporters are just too far away from the mainframe for you to make it in time when doing it solo. It feels like using Stamin-Up is a must...which IS in the map, but it doesn't work.
1583 days ago
Right...think I might have encountered a bug. Like, the Dog round happens as normal...but the dog's don't spawn. It could have been a one-time thing, but I dunno.

Apart from that, it's an alright map. Not really a fan of these uber-classic challange maps with WaW weapons, no Box and no Pack-a-Punch, and I'm certainly not a fan of small cramped maps with no space to really run to, so I can't really critique the map as is. That said, I do like the amount of detail that's gone into it, plus the fact we're actually getting another WaW custom map. Most people have moved on BO3 nowadays...

Oh yes, and the door to the MP40 and the M1 Carbine is sort of pointless considering you can buy the PPSh-41 in the second room.
1601 days ago
Well I would LOVE to see what this map is like but I can't because it crashes the whole game the moment I start it up. And no, I can't fix it because the moment I even glance at the Texture Settings the game just softlocks instead. Deeply irritating.
1645 days ago
Well look at that; a map that doesn't softlock the game when you try to change the texture settings. That's a plus.

As for the map itself, there's certainly a lot of effort here, the custom weapons are cool and there are no cheap boss zombies like the Panzer or those f*cking Fire Zombies...but there are a few design flaws that make the map a tad frustrating to play. Restricted and linear layout, brutally small and difficult starting area*, no room to maneuver around zombies (bad in a game mode where they kill you in two hits and have hitboxes the size of double-decker buses) and they have a tendency to hit you back-to-back, a large amount of barriers and doors in a small area, the changes to the zombie voices are appreciated but ultimately a bit grating and there are risers EVERYWHERE (a personal pet peeve of mine).

Put simply, a high-effort map with a lot of thought gone into it, but alas that's not enough to save it from a number of irritating design choices that just make it too easy for the zombies to surround you. Perhaps removing some of the debris in the outside areas and toning down the number of risers would help quite a bit.

*: Starting Area in this case being where you spawn to where the Mystery Box starts.
1721 days ago
Oh joy, the Avagrado. Everybody's favourite boss zombie. Oh well. Makes a change from that blasted Fire Zombie, I guess.
1730 days ago
What can I say about this map, really? Apart from the whole error with unpacking the files (which can be repaired by putting all the files in a standard folder, and has been fixed now), of course.

Well, it's pure crazy, for one thing. Bizarre, outlandish and perhaps just a little bit unpleasant. It is also the only map I can think of where you can fight M.Night Shyamalan and zombies with a banana in an ice room being watched by Ice-I and Vanilla Ice.

...And I love it.
1759 days ago


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