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Well I got the golden space suit, whoo. Still didn't get the buyable ending, but honestly that's probably not essential, I guess.
773 days ago
Thanks for downloading, There is a buyable ending, its on a room after you beat the easteregg. Plus, have you done the golden space suit easteregg?

Oh, I see! No, I haven't got tha...
774 days ago
So, I went in this expecting another boxmap with like one window and no custom weapons or items. As I was playing, I was expecting another long boxmap with no training spots and idiotic pricings. What I got was..well, a corridor and boxmap put together, but a very enjoyable map with a lot of trainin...
776 days ago
Yay, I love it when great maps with a lot of time put into them are ruined by invincible bosses and the worst Pack-a-Punch room I've ever fucking seen since Ascension! I don't care if it's part of the Easter Egg and whatever, having a boss that won't die, is fast and kills you as...
879 days ago
Yeah it is pretty tight, a little like Verruckt, tried to balance that out with a putting a bunch of wonder weapons in the map.

That's sort of like putting a plaster on a burn wound. I d...
883 days ago
Yyyep, this map is WAY too small and narrow for both the volume of zombies and the god-awful-in-close-quarters Black Ops weapons.
885 days ago


"Short, Controlled Bursts. Unless someone's trying to eat you. Then hold that trigger 'till it goes click!"


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