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I think a simple anecdote will properly convey my feelings on this map;

After installing it (and it inevitably failing to load; errors with the Mystery Box, it seems, which crashed the map every time it tried to load), I gave up and tried to play another map. Except those didn't work either. Even the sensational Clinic of Evil crashed due to a script runtime error - in fact, they ALL crashed for that reason, every time.

I think it's fairly safe to say your "map" is bad when it somehow breaks other maps.
1497 days ago
I do like this map. Nice and classic. I do have a couple issues, however, that really bug me. The first is the scavenger hunt to unlock Pack-a-Punch. I've never been a fan of these, to be honest, because they' re always hidden in rather asinine places. The second is the "boss" zombie - trust me when I say he doesn't need THAT much health (especially since he can break out into a sprint, like a normal zombie, at any point). Apart from that, great map. :)
1502 days ago
I would like to know from you guys,  Is the map worth updating?  As there are a few bugs in the map but nothing that huge.

As it would have it, I have a few ideas for improvement, beyond fixing the double-hit thing others have mentioned. A few extra weapons wouldn't hurt, perhaps porting some BO2 and (if possible) BO3 weapons across. Perhaps you could remove some of the debris in the map in general for better mobility. Another thing would be that a few areas don't seem to open up to much, like the upstairs area where you can get the Type 100, so perhaps you could add in a bit more in those areas.
1530 days ago
Looks REALLY good man, it's clear you put a lot of work into this. Have a few issues, though;

-Doors. WHY are they so overpriced? 3000 is...acceptable, for the most part, but 10'000 for the main door?! I wouldn't mind if there was anything in most of the rooms beyond like one weapon and another two 4500 point doors. It...annoyed me, to say the least.
-Not helped by the sheer amount of barred doors around the map. The other comments mention some sort of hacking device, so perhaps I just haven't found the right solution yet.
-I just couldn't find Juggernog. I must've looked around the map multiple times and nothing. Perhaps I'm just blind.
-Two Pack-a-Punch Machines. I...don't understand.

Apart from that, however, I really liked this map. I'd give it...3.5/5, I guess. Good job.
1588 days ago
Hmm...I like this one. I thought from the images, "Oh no, it's just another boxmap", but it's actually more than that. I had a lot of fun with this map, though there do seem to be a few bugs left in (like every Widow's Wine grenade you have spontaneously detonating when you teleport back to the main map). Good job.
1609 days ago
So, uh...Norton says this is a medium-level threat and won't let me use the file. Even after I scanned the thing and it reported no threats whatsoever. I can't even restore it this time. FFS, Norton.
1790 days ago
Sooooo...this map is pretty good.

= Pretty impressive in scale
= Good graphics
= Good selection of weaponry
= Good selection of songs, as well as some good choices for background music
= Acceptable end-game price (15'000 points)

= Why is everything more expensive? And why are there 3000 points doors?!
= The map design isn't the best. A lot of narrow corridors so it's hard to avoid zombies, especially when out of ammo.
= Zombie hitboxes appear to be the size of a double decker bus, leading to a lot of frustrating deaths
= Starting pistol in the Mystery Box. Why do people keep doing this?!

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Ray Guns
1901 days ago
Well, I've played this map and I want to give a brief but fair review of it;

+ Map looks pretty good.
+ New voice clips taken from Black Ops.
+ Amount of new weapons is insane and impressive. Caught me off guard with some of them (i.e. Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3. Nice choice).

+ Map Design is a little restrictive and often leads to a lot of getting caught in the middle of a group of zombies, which is pretty much instant death. Also, there are a lot of parts of the map where it LOOKS like you can access, but you can't, which is annoying.
+ Some of the weapon sounds are a bit warped. Like, they sound like they're blowing out and distorting, though thankfully they're not incredibly loud.
1947 days ago
Dude, this is an awesome map! :D

However...the jumpscares are less than admirable. So... :-\
2005 days ago
No good. For some reason, no matter how I download it, Norton spits out an error message saying it's chock full of viruses or something like that? Any particular reason? Has anyone added viruses and no-one's noticed yet?
2007 days ago


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