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Bug found, after using several times the mistery box, I lost one of my two weapons along with the knife, and after using the box again I couldn't have any more guns, I was stuck at one.
1238 days ago
Honestly, as I guess that it's happened with other users as well, I've waited for this map to be released for more than a year, I understand that complications might appear and all that, but it's kinda unfair for us. Anyway, thanks for the work.
1246 days ago
Nice job man, I really want to try it, but the thing is I can't. Start game button doesn't appear when choosing singleplayer:
1251 days ago
Does it mean that's possible to create custom maps for BO1?
1265 days ago
that worked, thanks a lot. Having changed that option would change the playability on other maps?
1278 days ago
Awesome map, I beat it, but since update 1.3, it looks like this. Any idea?
1278 days ago
Every attempt to play coop has failed... Is it normal?
1278 days ago
Idk if this happens to anyone else, but everytime I load the map, textures are broken...
Thank you for your work and I hope I can solve this...
1448 days ago
Have either of you noticed if this mod changes wallbuys in moon? Everytime that i've installed it, played shangri-la and then moon, i've realized that. Wallbuys I mean the names of weapons just like they are on shangri-la with this mod.
1457 days ago
First time I played this, it freezed for some seconds at round 9, but after then np.
It's amazing, I hope to see more mods made by u soon.
1498 days ago
Couldn`t you fix those issues? They aren't relevant, but i simply wanted to know.
Thanks again, Who`s who is amazing.
1504 days ago
sometimes, when i'm next to a rock or stairs i get locked there like it was a wall (without even touching)
1531 days ago
S12's damage is too low, don't you think?
1532 days ago
I was waiting for it, you're very skilled, hope to see more maps you'll create. Thanks infinitely.
1534 days ago


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