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Admins delete my reply, clicked through link and I thought this was for WaW.
2 years ago
Instructions in Download.
Many thanks to Numan for his powerups and consultation

2 years ago
I'm not sure if it's been brought up before but the "All in one +ugx patch" download has some bad soundfiles.
I've taken a look in hex and they are in XWMA format.
Seems like someone decided it would be ok to fill in gaps with the 360 files, or so it appears.
As I type this I'm working on sorting out the bad files and converting them to proper wav files with xWMAencoder from the DirectX sdk so that people who still want to map for W@W can have all the sounds working properly.
I also don't know how this went unnoticed since sounds like the pack a punch and certain dog sounds are obviously missing when playing the map.
I was wrong, Harry's perks broke something with a couple of sound files and they just happened to be the xwma files but these are ignored in raw.
Clean install plus modtools with ugx patch and Gympies6's perks works way better.
2 years ago
First off, wow It's been forever since I've been on.
Took me a little work to get these working but so far so good.
Couple of issues for anyone struggling,
the soundalias for galil is pointing to the wrong folder name. Needs to be changed to match the foldername used for galil sounds.
Weapon files for mods/mapname/
Are in weapons/ instead of weapons/sp/
Edit: the "sp" folder will need to be created and the weapon files placed in sp folder.
Or you could just fill out the entry in mod.csv as
weapon,*gun_name I suppose but it's probably better to keep things consistent.
Edit 2:
The included csv code in "instal - English.txt for [100%] shrinkray has "\" instead instead of "/"
It should be:
I also had to add the rest of the unlisted assets to my mod.csv to get it working, so the included list is incomplete.
The spas12_upgraded doesn't have the shot sound layered with the pap_shot sound so it only has pap "pew" sound, I'm looking into this and will post as soon as I figure it out.
And you'll have to add the assets to your mod.csv but there is no list provided to copy paste.
I might decide to work those out myself and upload here if it would help.
Also Shippuden, if you could convert the bo2 weapons that you have released in bo1 section to Waw I would gladly help with testing and making the packages more release ready/newb friendly.
2 years ago
I really enjoyed this map, the detail is amazing and the setting is a fresh twist on familiar scenery. This mod should be an example of what makes a map worth playing. The bridge and 3 timed teleporters are older scripts but perfectly executed in the map. 10/10 Sir, Good Game.
7 years ago
I added in duaLVII's rotating doors and had them working well, then was playing with my worldspawn lighting and now my doors nor my window boards are drawing to in game even after resetting worldspawn settings back.

Anybody run across this before? How did you fix it or what was the cause. Google has nothing for me.
8 years ago
Sorry for double post but I've obtained some info that might be of use.

The above error i mentioned is commonly attributed to servers and map rotations with too many maps which causes an overrun in the string because it has too many characters in the string causing it to hit the limit of char's that can be used in a string.

Now considering I'm hitting this on solo without a server mind you i'm not so sure that it's anything to do with server settings.

I also only get it once i hit the locker.

Somewhere it's hitting that character limit on a string once we trigger the storage function.

I make a lot of backups of my mod especially any time i go to add a new feature and this is with only me using harry's perks and his locker fix code provided by him here.

I understand some of what's happening but harry you might know better than i would about what might be causing the string character limit here to be hit.

Taking a look at the script you provided I wonder if it has to do with the way the non storable guns are set up but this is purely my speculation.

Anybody have any ideas on this? I'd be more than happy to learn about the inner workings of the engine and what could be causing this overrun.

I've also read that a long dvar string can cause this as well which seems more likely, at this juncture, than the server related cause of this error.

Edit 2:
Tested setting
Code Snippet
level.harry_perks_fix = true;
To false>compiled mod>pulled gun out of locker>closed game>set fix to true>compiled mod>
Was able to place gun in locker but it also kept it in inventory and on attempt to trade gun, whether same gun is in inventory or not, it throws the overrun error again.
8 years ago
Ah I didn't check his iwd
That fixed it right up as far as being able to get past error.
8 years ago
Ok will do, wasn't sure where to post it as I had ran your perks without this error popping up until I had added nates weapons but it didn't seem like his should affect the bo2 utility script.

Will gather a screenshot as well as the popup error says more than the full console.
8 years ago
its not a error with harrybo21_utilities - its a out of date copy of _zombiemode_bo2_utility.gsc which multiple people keep reporting. I think you have the same file in your pack but an older one - they need to install my perks second and agree to the windows prompt offering to overwrite

i cant do jack about it now coz my pc is broken, if someone else feels like fixing the syntax error and reuploading feel free

for the record this error "only" relates to widows wine, the rest is all fine

I'm having same error on 4.0.3 but on line 916
same text though with error of missing function
I'm def using the one from 4.0.3 as 2.0.4 (the really old one i updated from) didn't use _zombiemode_bo2_utility.gsc
And nates pack doesn't use it either.

I remember reading somewhere about the correct way to disable perks from map, can't remember where i read it might be on your main page for perks, but never the less, would disabling widows wine keep it from calling this function.
I'd be ok without WW till you can get the error sorted
 or if its just a quick fix like syntax error, maybe you could guide me towards fixing it and I can post the fixed file here if your pc is still down.
8 years ago
i misread, change

Code Snippet
if ( !self harrybo21_has_weapon( gun ) )


Code Snippet
if ( !self hasWeapon( gun ) )

it was a missing "function" error

Thank you harry, +1
That got me past it and into the map.
Will now continue testing of functions in game and report back anything i find although given your abilities I doubt I'll have many if any at all.

Double Post Merge: May 13, 2016, 06:02:02 pm
Well I was too hasty and should have expected at least something to come up.

Instantly crashes with use of locker with any gun.

Error reads as follows:
Attempted to overrun string in call to va()
8 years ago
I realize that I may not have given enough info
 this is where it throws the error.

Code Snippet
if ( !self harrybo21_has_weapon( gun ) )
if ( gun == "zombie_cymbal_monkey" )
self maps\_zombiemode_cymbal_monkey::player_give_cymbal_monkey();
self harrybo21_set_alt_grenade( gun, 3 );
else if ( gun == "stielhandgranate" )
self harrybo21_set_grenade( gun, 4 );
else if ( gun == "molotov" || gun == "molotov_zombie"  )
self harrybo21_set_alt_grenade( gun, 4 );
self harrybo21_set_weapon( gun, model_index );


There are a lot of references to gun but if I change it to name on initial line I'll have to change it on all references related to that line but not sure which neeed changed and which need left as gun.

I know at least on the == "     "  instances but not sure if its needed elsewhere.

Edit: these are my assumptions on what is happening in function still learning so good chance I'm wrong entirely.
8 years ago
Updated to perks 4.0.3

Getting this error with harry's above script
Code Snippet
unknown function
If ( !self harrybo21_has_weapon(gun))
8 years ago
Thank you both for your work here. Good stuff all around.

Reaper, I have a pretty decently detailed modern style fridge prefab made up, can post screens of it.
If you like it, You'd be more than welcome to add along side yours in dl.
8 years ago
Merely missed that fact harry as I haven't updated to 4.0.2 perks yet.
Hadn't had any troubles yet so it hadn't come up yet, pehaps because the perks were the only thing I had added.
sometime ago as well so I may have just forgot that fact
Just stating observations and what scripts I have.
Not so much asking for help fixing the things I mentioned, considering I haven't updated perks yet, just stating that I wasn't able to recreate the issue with not receiving wall weapon.

About hintstrings,
Again stating observations and that I didn't have trems hintsring update fix so I wasn't sure if that was why or not. Hadn't tested multiplayer yet either.
I wasn't aware that was the way it worked alaurenc9 thank you for letting me know.

Might also mention again that I map in what little free time I have, I understand you guy's get alot of issues brought to you by people who need help with every little thing, I'm sorry if I seem like I should know these things but I don't have as much time invested in the forums as most so it's possible that I'll make mistakes but please forgive me, I'd like to be able to bring something to the table and not just be helpless.
8 years ago
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