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I really enjoyed this map, the detail is amazing and the setting is a fresh twist on familiar scenery. This mod should be an example of what makes a map worth playing. The bridge and 3 timed teleporters are older scripts but perfectly executed in the map. 10/10 Sir, Good Game.
1344 days ago
I added in duaLVII's rotating doors and had them working well, then was playing with my worldspawn lighting and now my doors nor my window boards are drawing to in game even after resetting worldspawn settings back.

Anybody run across this before? How did you fix it or what was the c...
1710 days ago
Sorry for double post but I've obtained some info that might be of use.

The above error i mentioned is commonly attributed to servers and map rotations with too many maps which causes an overrun in the string because it has too many characters in the string causing it to hit the limi...
1718 days ago
Ah I didn't check his iwd
That fixed it right up as far as being able to get past error.
1718 days ago
Ok will do, wasn't sure where to post it as I had ran your perks without this error popping up until I had added nates weapons but it didn't seem like his should affect the bo2 utility script.

Will gather a screenshot as well as the popup error says more than the full console.
1718 days ago
its not a error with harrybo21_utilities - its a out of date copy of _zombiemode_bo2_utility.gsc which multiple people keep reporting. I think you have the same file in your pack but an older one - they need to insta...
1719 days ago


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