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July 13, 2024, 05:15:50 pm
Admins delete my reply, clicked through link and I thought this was for WaW.
2 years ago
Instructions in Download.
Many thanks to Numan for his powerups a...
2 years ago
I'm not sure if it's been brought up before but the "All in one +ugx patch" download has some bad soundfiles.
I've taken a look in hex and they are in XWMA format.
Seems like someone decided it would be ok to fill in gaps with the 360 files, or so it appears...
2 years ago
First off, wow It's been forever since I've been on.
Took me a little work to get these working but so far so good.
Couple of issues for anyone struggling,
the soundalias for galil is pointing to the wrong folder name. Needs to be changed to match the foldername used ...
2 years ago
I really enjoyed this map, the detail is amazing and the setting is a fresh twist on familiar scenery. This mod should be an example of what makes a map worth playing. The bridge and 3 timed teleporters are older scripts but perfectly executed in the map. 10/10 Sir, Good Game.
7 years ago
I added in duaLVII's rotating doors and had them working well, then was playing with my worldspawn lighting and now my doors nor my window boards are drawing to in game even after resetting worldspawn settings back.

Anybody run across this before? How did you fix it or what was the c...
8 years ago
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