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I added in duaLVII's rotating doors and had them working well, then was playing with my worldspawn lighting and now my doors nor my window boards are drawing to in game even after resetting worldspawn settings back.

Anybody run across this before? How did you fix it or what was the cause. Google has nothing for me.
1704 days ago
I have a script for a shootable with reward of an extra perk slot, using an array so I can have multiple in map and max extra slots are limited by how many trigs i put in map and who finds them first.

What I'm having trouble with is adding the confirm sound and a splash fx even though i have fx un commented and precached in both mapname.gsc and easy-fx, and sound alias appears to be setup correct as i used a stock sound.

Anything i might have missed?

Got the fx to work I had forgot to include the folder name when precaching.

Still no sound but that could be because it's set to play on trigger origin and I just can't hear it from a distance.

Edit2: it's working now. Something to do with method of playing the sound.

Turns out I'm just a noob. =\
Learning though.
1725 days ago
I have a Der reise style map that loops with my zones set
doors in place with triggers on each side of each door with kvps only changed for the enter_zone_[filler] for each side depending whether you go right or left
my issue is my door can only target the set of spawners one way since the target is set by the door and not the trigger
ie door2 going right= target:zone_2_spawners
but what if i wanted to go left opening the door from the other side triggers the spawners from the zone i'm leaving
how can i make door2 [going right it targets zone_2_spawners] target zone_1_spawners if I'm going left but still target zone_2_spawners if bought from the right

my only guess is removing the function from the door and moving it to a separate trigger overlapping my buy trigger on each side targeting the spawners in said direction.
2641 days ago
I found a really awesome site for free textures lots of great stuff easy to navigate plenty of different usage and surface types. All raw textures though and some need cropped and manipulated for your usage but I figured I'd share.
the first page is just random textures but if you click textures at the top it takes you to a view page with categories on the side.
also has brushes to use with your art program so if you want to add some scuffs or a crack to your wall, ceiling, floor, ect. you can use those.

Below is an Image Manipulation program, it is free and open source, supports photoshop brushes and plug-ins

also it supports DDS but you have to download the plugin for DDS here:
Hope you enjoy!
2665 days ago
Trying to make swinging double doors
got both doors and they open with one trigger
separate script_structs for each door
i can make them turn by rotating my script_structs but then they disappear and i'd rather them not
I remember seeing something like this on customcod but since the site is down i can't troll their forums
2678 days ago
I'd like to make a five style window where the boards are on the ground and the zeds break the glass first then you can rebuild the window
i have my own prefab window built with the breakable glass
i assume you would:
 enter prefab
  ungroup the prefab
   repositon the boards to floor -not so sure that would work so simply now that i think about it how will the boards know to go to the window from the floor

how do i link the glass to be broken first before i can rebuilld the boards
^this shows how to make a custom breakable blocker like the wall in Nacht der but i don't want to rebuild the glass just the window boards
2680 days ago
It seems the interwebs have failed me.
 I found a few tuts from kids who barely know what they're doing and following instructions i've yet to compile a working basic map.

i'd like to start mapping for personal use till i learn to fully use radiant, really looking forward to UGX v2

I have experience mapping for personal use on NZP for psp using hammercraft or something like that (been a while)
I learn quick when the right info is available but it seems most mapping sites are down and this is the only site worth anything right now (no offence ZM)
but most tuts here are the more advanced parts which i thank you so very much for having that info

but for now i need step by step absolute minimum to compile a working map sans the installing mod tools part.
i have the script placer from this site
where do i go from there

i understand
 how path nodes work
  the concept of linking doors to spawn points
   entity's and trigger functions
    pretty much an ok portion of wisdom needed to map

i feel i may have hit the scene too late to find the starting point if that makes sense
need a detailed tutorial for reference on the basics preferably vid but i can follow text just fine

no rush experts as i know you're busy with your quality maps and mods which again i thank you for

i'd like to be a part of this community and maybe then i can bring something to the table

running mod tools 1.4
WaW 1.6
2683 days ago


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