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Great map Hitman looks like the fun factor is back in town.  ;D
1864 days ago
Things move on.. :nyan:
1877 days ago
Some people do charity work more work for money it's the way of the world deal with it.
With whats going on in the world is this really that  so lets get some perspective  :-\

Double Post Merge: September 04, 2015, 04:10:50 pm
If someone wants to earn some money doing what he or she can do let them, i worked from the age of 16 and i retired at 40 and live a good life and do some charity work what do you want out of life you only have one!
1877 days ago
Thanks for the map, just one thing i keep getting script compile error G_Spawn:no free entities on early rounds?
1879 days ago
It runs great for me on i7-4770K  @4.5GHz and GTX 970 @ 1522MHz with 8GB ram getting 150+fps everything on max 1080p.
With ReShade/Sweetfx on 120-150fps
1885 days ago
I know but it's not going to be hard on kino, unless he has 1million health, and the gun you fire at him only doing 2k damage after a full clip of ammo.
Also what damage would a trap do to him?
1896 days ago
I don't think you will lose a gun on kino......
1896 days ago
love this map but i can't ever find anyone playing it online  :'(
1896 days ago
I just installed V2.1 and the play solo button is not woking  :-\
1906 days ago
Hi, love this map been playing v1 for a while now, i just installed v2 and found a bug in start room when you dolphin dive off the high point of the pile of dirt near quick revive, you get stuck and cant move anymore.

Me getting stuck after dolphin dive.
1907 days ago
Great map having lots of fun, many thanks :D 8)
1930 days ago
Nice screen shots, this map  is sure looking good   :o
1989 days ago
Jet Packs just like titanfall future crap just like AW so boring give me WAW and Black Ops 1 any day for zombies  :rainbow:
2008 days ago
This looks like a lot of fun , time for a game I think.
Many thanks. ;D
2023 days ago


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