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My favorite map of all time is Project Viking.

Why is this my favorite map you may ask?
When i first loaded this map it was like WoW, the amount of detail the look and feel of it also all the content.
Then after i had finished marveling at this masterpiece and dying a lot along the way i started to play for real, i would find so many things in it to keep me busy and on the move like the bosses, and the sound is so fitting for the map.
I could go on and on about this map, well i will a bit more i will never forget the first time i thought i had this map mastered then a got nailed by the gunsip, i did smile.
Let me finish by saying a get so much enjoyment from playing Project Viking i keep going back for more did i say it's FuN. :nyan:
Sorry guys i don't use twitter it's not my thing.
Ok just for you:
1968 days ago
Just played it a bit more with my friend, I went down on round 5 with an Olympia and when I tried to shoot my pistol it switched to the Olympia (with no ammo even tho I had ammo before I went down) and back to my pistol
my waw is capped at 60 fps does anyone know how to fix this?

I think it's /com_maxfps x
1973 days ago
Epic job guys, looks like the things I was going to do tonight are on hold now.Many thanks  ;D
1973 days ago
I think 32GB of ram for gaming is overkill, 8GB is good enough also gtx titan x is the fastest single gpu you can buy at this point but its not much faster than the gtx 980 but cost a lot more . I'm running i7 4770k @ 4.5Ghz with 8GB and gtx 970 and can max out games so I would save cash on the gpu and hold on for a 20mn or 16nm gpu. :nyan:
1975 days ago
I just gave this map a try and i had fun , spawn room is nice with the corridor so you have room to move and get some points,also i think that the [email protected] weapons fit well  with the map and yes i had fun, is that not what it's all about.Good job so far. :nyan: i just found that quick revive and juggernog are broken, you get two hit with jugg and you are dead and quick revive nothing?
1976 days ago
I know you get sprinters from the start, but the map is very easy but lots of fun. Also the banks interest rates make the buyable ending easy to attain, i only had two goes at it. Yes this map has it's bugs and you can just jump out off map, but it's far more fun on the inside.
1988 days ago
Looks like my friday is  night sorted, map looks sweet. 8)

Maybe i should lay off the beer. looking at my last post?  :derp:
1989 days ago
Good things come to those who wait.   ;D
1990 days ago
Looking sweet, are the broken pipes in the doorway a sream trap?
1993 days ago
Personally i have never chosen to use akimbo guns in zombies but some people do, and for firing simultaneously and not showing in third person i don't think it would be a problem if people wan't them.
Keep up the good work this map is looking great. :D
1993 days ago
Project Viking
This is the map I just can't stop playing, but so many great maps that people put so much time into , I say thanks to you all.

1995 days ago


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