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anyone manage to launch this mod , I cannot
keep getting this error
Server script compile error
bad syntax
(see console for details)
1593 days ago
Hello! I was wondering if anybody wanted to play some custom zombies with me :) I have Malibu Drive, Cheese Cube Unlimited, Nacht Der Untoten Reimagined, ( I Can use Realism ) SuperMario, and Aliendefense!

On the side note, why are there so few people lately? I have barely seen anyone playing it, and if they are they are either in a Private Lobby or I can't join them for some odd reason :(
great advice from HitmanVere on finding friends but as to your side note regarding joining games
" I can't join them for some odd reason :("
you don't say if you have ever successfully joined a game , if you have ignore this , if you haven't you may want to check you have relevant ports opened ,also if you have an xbox or ps4 running at same time as pc  this can also stop you joining games .
1596 days ago
Does anyone know what the soul chests do? I got to round 33 running around the map looking for soul chests / some indication that the chests are done but found nothing. Pyramid is closed, origins pedestals arent interactable or anything
if I remember right there are six soul chests and when completed you get a nice reward that appears outside spawn building , if you get that far make sure you pap it as well you get another surprise for that too . the chests are in buildings (2) and outside (3) too , also theres one on the roof of a building
1626 days ago
can i get some help cause i'm missing textures on mine. But its still a great map.
sometimes just deleting the mod and re installing can fix an issue ,maybe worth a try . im assuming you added the t4m file you need to run the map , it tells you how to do this in the instructions
ps I absolutely luv this map and previous map cryogenic by this map maker
pps some people have mentioned texture glitches on waw when using certain NVidia cards ( gtx970) but I cant confirm that
ppps t4m didn't eat my sandwichs , my sneaky dog did
1641 days ago
this is amazing map by zk showing off completely new characters and abilities to custom zombies
ive made this gameplay video hope you enjoy as much as I did . theres lots more to see than I  have shown in video
1661 days ago
this is amazing map by zk showing off completely new characters and abilities to custom zombies
ive made this gameplay video hope you enjoy as much as I did . theres lots more to see than I  have shown in video
Please post videos in Youtube-section rather than in release topic -HitmanVere
I had to use low res as my pc cannot handle any higher with this map , hope it doesn't spoil it  for people
1661 days ago
great fun map , this is my playthro of it,
easter egg completed
thx to map maker isrevivingyou
1663 days ago
great fun map gets very hectic very quickly , this is gameplay of only small part of ee
to map maker
i had to play on very low resolution as outside areas made my game really lag , i usually have to do this when graphics get overloaded hence why video is v low res, but still great fun to play
1673 days ago
"Quick" Its an hour and twenty one minutes long  :derp:
my attempt at humour , considering the ending this probably is a quick play thro
1673 days ago
me and friends enjoying this crazy map by midgetblaster
1675 days ago
really enjoyable map thx to qwerty195 , great fun , i made a quick video of my gameplay
1675 days ago
How do you buy the door that leas to the helicopter on the roof?
It will not give me the option to buy it.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
take the teleporter to pap and look for big red button on tree
this might help
! No longer available
1784 days ago
yes i had to put it aside to complete LEVIATHAN faster but i dont mess around with desertstorm too often but when i do it seems i only add more hidden areas rather then complete the existing ones lol
don't forget to add the shimikaze robots , or have you done that already . I still cannot find the other ones, damn it
1788 days ago
7:47 how did you open that door??
hi ,the switch im standing in front of at 7.44 opens that door it costs 1500 if I remember right ,its in the room with double tap and you ll also find number 5 in that room on the wall as well

Double Post Merge: September 21, 2015, 02:48:43 pm
Very nice. Going to check this out tomorrow hopefully, depends, if Im busy :P
hope you like it , I certainly enjoyed your map played it loads already. the video quality is only 480p as it came direct from my twitch stream , I have to lower quality when streaming unfortunately :(
1788 days ago
I'll be there!
hehe told you there d be epic fails, gonna try it co op next time. thx for watching and for very interesting map as well , definitely want to see how this plays out
1788 days ago


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