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this is amazing map by zk showing off completely new characters and abilities to custom zombies
ive made this gameplay video hope you enjoy as much as I did . theres lots more to see than I  have shown in video
1661 days ago
me and friends enjoying this crazy map by midgetblaster
1675 days ago
most amazing location for PAP ive seen ,thx steviewonder87 this is brilliant
1802 days ago
how to get some free help on this tough map
see , some things are free :)
1803 days ago
what on earth (or off earth )is this :)
1807 days ago
live stream with map maker present in chat
! No longer available
1808 days ago
play thro of  super new map by steviewonder87 trying out different tactics trying to survive
as i heard people are struggling with this one
! No longer available
1822 days ago
! No longer availableepic new map from ConvictioNDR ,quick play thro of beginning of map , this is one scary map with some excellent new features
1830 days ago
really fun map with loads to do and find
! No longer available
1845 days ago
enjoyable map lots of fun custom weapons ,textures etc
1957 days ago
if you found all the switches and dont know what to do next with the uranium ball
check this out
1969 days ago
quick playthro showing bear and radio locations ,power and couple of ee parts to "wet" ;)  your appetite

quality map from legends:    radimax, awesome pieman, hexzombies and jbird

1970 days ago
if you like a challenge you ll like this, absolutely gorgeous map by Quizz
heads up ,some abilities are different in solo for instance double revive rate in co op becomes +100% sprint even tho
ability screen says they are the same ,it skips double revive ,this also means speed costs 1k instead of 1500 when playing solo
same with jug 2nd ability is missing slower bleed out when solo so 2nd time you buy ability you get jug in solo
 . if you shoot flags you get activation sound i think you may get free guns but not
found them yet
1975 days ago
fun map from Holz, many  der reise features and more

mega dl link in video description
1981 days ago


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