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Hey Cap. Long time.
After returning to work on my review series that your Map featured in I decided to have a mess around game on your map with a friend. 

I wanted to highlight a glitch that neither of us could escape no matter who was host. 

Whoever is the 2nd player in game cannot see the host player, but his gun model and head model is stuck floating and following them around making it impossible to see. 

if you need a screenshot I'm sure I can help you out just let me know. 
259 days ago
Shall have an opinion on it soon. I'll load er up 
470 days ago
So I have decided for my New Series to give a short Review int your map. 
It's kinda me trying it out ect so it's lack luster. 
But I hope you enjoy

 Custom Mod and Map Reviews #1 - Downfall
482 days ago
How to start my Return to Custom Zombies.
By Trying this map out.

Let you know what I think :)

Double Post Merge: April 12, 2019, 04:07:18 am

How to start my Return to Custom Zombies.
By Trying this map out.

Let you know what I think :)

Very Good.
What I enjoyed most was the atmosphere. Fighting Nazi Zombies outside the Reichstag was very fitting. and the brilliant use of the Campaign level was executed well with this map.

Although a small map, I didn't find myself getting cornered, as there is multiple open spaces that allow for training and good manoeuvring.

Teddy bears where hidden well, but very easy to find. Meaning Pack a Punching early was possible which helped with racking up the 50G's for that Buyable ending.

I took some footage and will compile them together to show it off.

My rating is

Difficulty : - Easy
Design - 6/10
Weapon Sandbox - Standard
Replayability - Great for a quick game or down to Basics run for new players (this is not a bad thing)
Verdict - Great Map. Look forward to more.
489 days ago
I understand you are learning. But give it a bit more time and concentration before release.

Keep it up and one day we might see a solid release from you 
1255 days ago
Amazing Map. Did spot another familiar map of yours at the end ;)
Great Job Reaper

1255 days ago
How do you pap?

Private message me and I will explain how
1257 days ago
Awesome Remaster Reaper. I will enjoy this one for days :)
1257 days ago
Why do YOU Specifically go around thinking you are better than me? Please stop telling me what to do or I am going to report you.

1286 days ago
Should not be spending your entire time on UGX chat when you are in school then  :poker:

Double Post Merge: February 02, 2017, 04:49:44 pm
The chat has been empty for a while. Because lets be honest. Most of the users on this website are simply visiting to download a map and leave. or are too busy Scripting.

1287 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Gold  :lol:  ;D

Double Post Merge: December 16, 2016, 05:54:30 pm
So. Isn't this just vertigo?
I'm confused
1335 days ago
Must be my favorite map by you. Always a pleasure to Hear Korn while blasting Zoms Also :D
Going to see them live tomorrow
1338 days ago
Sorry pal. I'm not a map maker. But This is laziness.

If you want people, and especially Critics to take your map seriously. Put some effort into it
Not being a dick, But get used to negative comments regarding work like this.  :poker:
1338 days ago
Delete your controller config

should be this file

 You might need to edit which keys are what again, But it will give you curser control back.

Hope this helps
1341 days ago


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