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So, How much are you folk gonna have to blast this Xmas?.

Let's hope you ain't shafted by rising prices too much  :gusta:

1313 days ago
Hello fellow UGX Zombie slayers and Creators alike.

I'll cut right to the chase. Who here, Remembers the amazing game series Legacy of Kain.

-Blood Omen-
-Soul Reaver-
-Soul Reaver 2-
-Blood Omen 2-

If not, Let me sum up the details.

The series takes place in the fictional land of Nosgoth, A land which survival is solely dependent on 9 Pillars, And their Guardians. "The Circle of 9" (Death - States - Time - Dimension - Conflict - Energy - Nature - Mind - Balance) Are chosen at birth to maintain balance in Nosgoth.

Still with me here?. Good. Cause here comes the part that might confuse you.

The Guardians, Where not always Human.
The Original Circle of 9 where a group of Winged Beings, Blue skinned and clawed.
These dudes worshiped "The Wheel of fate" and the god behind it.

Now, These other dudes. Named, The Hylden. Opposed them. Yada yada yada big war ECT.

The Winged beings Defeated the Hylden, And Raised the Pillars of Nosgoth. As the lock that binds the Hylden to the dimension they where cast. And as a way to keep the land of Nosgoth... Basically Healthy and Hylden free.
But the hylden where sneaky wee fuckers you see!
As they where banished, They cursed the winged beings With a bloody lust and Immortality, Thus Cutting them off from the Wheel of Death ( The endless cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth).
With their souls cut off from their God. The winged beings began a mass suicide.
This eventually stopped when the circle of 9 had Janos Audron, The Keeper of the Reaver Blade and by default the 10th guardian. Spread the dark gift to a human.

And so Birthed, The vampires.

Complicated Ain't it?. Well, Believe me when I tell you. That is the tip of a really huge and in depth Ice Berg.

Destiny, Betrayal, Genocide, False Gods and Free Will.
Now that, Is something that would take this entire forum to explain.

So let me cut to the chase. This series needs to be brought back. Legacy of Kain Defiance was left on a cliffhanger. A bloody heart wrenching one at that.
For those who played the game. Tell me.
What did the Series mean to you?
Why do you think it has taken this long for a proper return?
Should Dead Sun have happened?

And for the... Noobs so to speak ;)
Does the sound of this game interest you ?
Did my description of it's backstory confuse you?

If none of this interest you, Just regard it as a rambling Scotsman on a forum and begone :P

Hope to see the lovely feedback, or lack thereof.
Safety and Peace

1411 days ago
So what's everyones thoughts on the new Metallica tune?

I'm not too keen. My love for Metallica has faded, And I now take a preference to Megadeth. I wanna know what you guys think though.

1414 days ago
My video gamplay commentary on the map "Futurama" is Finally up!

If you want join join me in the next video Then send me a mail with your time zone and WAW name.

Enjoy everyone!

1532 days ago
Hey guys. Looking for players to enjoy the new Malibu Drive with, and generally any custom map or zombies.

Give me a reply herr or send Pr1nceRaz1el a request on WaW!.

Good or bad at Zombies im not caring, come have a laugh and a good game!

1627 days ago


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