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Grats to the trail mods! Hope they do good things :P
1781 days ago
Can do it in scripts or be lazy like me and just do a ton of FX from the FX browser (not ideal)
1786 days ago
Make sure your preview image is 512x512 and go to edit, options then click all the languages there. recompile and link your map then delete any .xpak in
then try uploading it again it should work now.
1792 days ago
Best way imo is to dump them from any other cod then import them into your map
if you cannot find someone model them yourself

id help but im terrible at modeling :P
1792 days ago
I have had this issue before. I cant recall how I fixed it. What process do you go through while setting up the gun and the anims.
1793 days ago
Try adding a litfog volume thats how I got my lights working sure there are other ways :P
1793 days ago
Can always use this: level flag::wait_till( "initial_blackscreen_passed" );

Havent seen it in MP, but might work, lol
If I recall correctly MP doesn't need that flag :P
1795 days ago
Try adding a caulk shadow on that wall on the outside that covers it. Should fix it after a lighting rebuild
1795 days ago
Easter Egg for my map (Location and model not final)
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1798 days ago
Trying to get audio to play when a trigger has been shot tried everything. Sorta like the EE from The Giant.

EDIT: Figured it out :P
1798 days ago
Open your xanims (all but ads up and down) and find and replace all of j_gun with tag_weapon see if that helps
1798 days ago
Gonna have to wait for Treyarch to fix this one sadly as from what I can tell we do not have access to these weapon files so we cant import the sounds our self so we will have to play the waiting game. Probably will be a few days.
1799 days ago
tfw treminaor is cheating  :lol:

1800 days ago
Hello UGX Community,
I have decided to work on a multiplayer map for black ops 3. I did in fact start a WaW zombie map that wont see the light of day. But for my first custom map I present you: Unknown. I still have yet thought of a name for this map. This is in its early stages of adding in detail. This map takes place in the mountains and will play in a village that is separated by a river.

Game Modes I plan on adding in are the following:
Domination [maybe]

Ideas for the map:
One easter egg
get onto the other side of the map via underground water tunnels.
and More.

I really hope you guys like this map. I will continue to update this topic with more when I am ready to show off more.
Any questions or ideas be sure to let me know thanks!

1800 days ago
That is what I have been doing. Thank you for the response I don't mind spending time on adding it all in myself was just curious. Thanks again!
1800 days ago


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