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Hello UGX Community,
I have decided to work on a multiplayer map for black ops 3. I did in fact start a WaW zombie map that wont see the light of day. But for my first custom map I present you: Unknown. I still have yet thought of a name for this map. This is in its early stages of adding in detail. This map takes place in the mountains and will play in a village that is separated by a river.

Game Modes I plan on adding in are the following:
Domination [maybe]

Ideas for the map:
One easter egg
get onto the other side of the map via underground water tunnels.
and More.

I really hope you guys like this map. I will continue to update this topic with more when I am ready to show off more.
Any questions or ideas be sure to let me know thanks!

1749 days ago
Been trying to figure out a different way to add collision for the character on some rocks for my multiplayer map. I have yet to find a different way to do it. I already know that using player clipping on all the rock models would work. Just not sure where to start so I am lost.
1750 days ago
Hello everyone I thought I would post this here since it would help new mappers out.
First off make a box that is big enough to cover your mystery box. Then add a player clip under textures to it so it looks like this:

After that recompile your map and it should be working properly I may or may have missed something if you have any questions post and ill respond asap.
1751 days ago
Okay I got my gun model (AK47 from MW3) imported into Bo3 just fine:

But I am trying to get the proper anims in and not just using the Kuda ones (it was 4 am so I used it for testing)

Double Post Merge: October 05, 2016, 09:31:58 pm
Here is the model in game used the wrong link in the original post
1761 days ago
Hello I been having a blast with BO3 Mod Tools. But i started getting this error recently.

I tried everything from reinstalling Black Ops 3 and then the tools
Reinstalling my graphics card drivers
and the classic restarting my pc.
1767 days ago
Hello everyone! My name is Taven. I have moved over to using Radiant for World at War mainly because custom zombies has been a HUGE interest for me. Not only do I love level designing, I also love the games I design maps for. I designed maps for Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess (custom maps) I hope to bring a lot to UGX as I always have been wanting to start making maps for World at War and soon Black Ops 3! Thank you all for reading!
1854 days ago
Hello everyone! My name is Taven and I am brand new to the whole custom zombies scene and so far I love it. Anyways I have made custom maps before for Zelda Ocarina of Time and also increasing polys and fixing collision for Twilight Princess. That is besides the point. Anyways here is my first planned zombies map!
Most of this map will be self taught.. hopefully.. But I do know most of how Radiant works and I am really loving Radiant. Anyways I hope to share more with you guys soon! sorry for the randomness of this topic I'm weird like that.  ::)
What the map will be like: You are in an abandon building out in the middle of no where and you have to fight for as long as you can. Will you survive the hell or will you perish in darkness. (this may change)
release date: 2045 (joke)
1854 days ago


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