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Greetings everyone. I am a Call of Duty 4 Custom Singleplayer Mission Mapper/Scripter. Some of you may know me as I have been around here for sometime. i have't done anything related to zombies so I am not very popular here. Anyway my main Campaign is almost ready for release. So I took the chance to make a new Story Trailer about it.
Enjoy :)
1644 days ago
Hi everyone.
So the campaign is almost done and soon the last thing that I will need to do is add voice acting.
Now if any of you is willing to help you must know there are some requirements I'd like you to have so I can accept you as voice acting on my campaign.
First of all, a decent required accent. If I need for example British accent, you must be able to perform dialogue lines with normal british accent. If I need Russian accent, you must be able to do russian accent and so on.
Furthermore, you should have a good mic. I don't ask for a super high quality microphone. A normal quality microphone that records your voice good enough without static, noise or other interfierence will do.
Now, If anyone is interested, I will give a dialogue below given the situation and accent of each character, so you can experiment yourself and send me the recordings you did.
Important note: Please make "SPi" sound like "spee" I know it's not 100% correct but it's my thing. Please keep it in mind.
Loz - British Accent
Pilot Michael - American accent (Try to make him sound like the Big Bird pilot from Official COD4 Campaign)
Captain Sasha - Russian accent
Antonio - High class British Accent (If you played Portal 2, try make him sound like Wheatley)
Loz - Scene 1
(Loz gives directions to his teammates about the mission)
Loz: Alright everyone, listen up. Paul's coordinates lead in a nearby village. 
Loz: SPi, take Pan and Alex and investigate that village.
Loz: The rest of us will wait here.

Loz - Scene 2
(Loz is under fire in combat)
Loz: I've got C4, I'm gonna blow them, clear the area so I can plant 'em.
Loz: Clear. I'm going to plant C4 on the crates.
(Later in combat)
Loz: We're in the middle of a shit storm here, if we won't do something fast, we're screwed SPi!

Pilot Michael - Scene 1
(Michael is driving his helicopter and contacting his team for Landing Zone directions)
Michael: We're approaching the city ETA 5 Minutes.
SPi: Better do it fast Michael. We won't last too long if you're too late.
Michael: Just make sure the LZ is clear and we'll get you

Antonio - Scene 1
(He is talking to the player via radio)
Antonio: Good, thank you so much. Now my team knows where I am and that I'm in trouble. They will soon be here in the outskirts of the city to take me to safety.
Antonio: Anyway, enough talking. I have one last task for you before I give you my help.

Captain Sasha - Scene 1
(Captain Sasha is going to report to the antagonist of the story about losing the goodguys)
Cap. Shasha: Comrade General!
Gen. Romanov: Are they dead Captain Sasha?
Cap. Shasha: Negative sir, half of their team escaped with their chopper, the rest slipped from our hands in the sewers.

Good Luck and Have Fun.
I don't promise I will reply to all participants. But I will try to do so.

1674 days ago

Are you guys hyped for a new game set in World War I ??  :D
I personally like 20th century theater based games (especially if they have to do with WWI or WWII)
so this looks like a very cool and awesome upcoming game for me. Regarding on the reveal trailer for now.

What do you guys think of it?
1713 days ago
Hi. As a COD community, I think this is a good time to begin this thread about the new COD Infinite Warfare and the COD4 remastered Reveal Trailer.
What do you guys think about them?

Here's my short version opinion.
Generally, I don't like future games, so Infinite Warfare is out of the list. (as BO2, AW and BO3 were)
However, COD MW Remastered looked amazing and it was a great idea. Nonetheless, I think COD4 didn't need a remaster yet. They obviously did it for more money (as they always do) and to increase the chances of getting many copies of Infinite Warfare sold. I believe Call of Duty 1 needed a good remaster regardless if it's as widely known as COD4 is or not. Like, imagine a good remaster of COD1 in 2013 (10 year COD anniversary) with COD Ghosts. It would be awesome but not if they make us buy a new COD for it like they do now.

That's all from me. Waiting your thoughts  ;)
1713 days ago
I have got a problem on radiant when I select a patch and press V to view and edit the verts.
But when I select one or more instead of becoming blue and able to move, they become red and i cant edit them.
Is there any case someone know what causes it?

1787 days ago
Does anyone have any idea if we can do or simulate motion blur in cod4/cod5?
Like the one Advanced Warfare has in missions?
Maybe with a vision file? I have no idea. That's why I ask for help from here.

Well in fact COD4 has those shellshock scenes that makes the player be dizzy or something.
I think those shellshock sequences are made with shader files. Not sure.
During these sequences the screen is less saturated and it has something like motion blur.
So since there's already a sample of it, is there any way we can make a better for our maps
and have this cool motion blur effect like we see in Advanced Warfare campaign that makes missions super cool?

I found this:
I don't know if it can help.

Any help would be appretiated.
A ready script that will be free for all custom map makers would also be great.
1817 days ago
In a Battlefield 3 mission you play as Spetsnaz and you have to stop some terrorists in Paris.
The date of the mission is November 13, 2014!

Recent Paris attack was in November 13, 2015.
Coincidence? Most people say it is.

1887 days ago
Since chatroom didn't play that game a lot I'll make a Forum game about it.

The game goes like this:
I will drop a quote that I'll pick from all CoD Games. SP missions only.
Like: "What the hell kind of name is Soap eh?"
Then the others have to respond by noting the game, character who said it, and the mission it took place.
Like: "cod4, FNG Price"
The first one with a complete and correct answer is the next one to drop a quote.
The correct answer must be approved with a quote reply of the quote question starter,
even if we have more than one correct questions or not.

Your game quotes Must be inside "---"
Googling is allowed, we can't expect everyone to remember all cod sp quotes.
Try to hide names and key locations in your sentences like Price will be %$#%
Following these exact steps should give us a nice forum time.
I shall go first :troll:
"Give my regards to   &%#$%   if you get there first."
Let the games begin...
1934 days ago
Well, turns out, I'm a little bit out of ideas for a sequence in one of my missions.
Anyone want to discuss it and offer some new ideas about it?
Well here's the thing. The player and his friends are witnessing a chopper chase from on top of some rooftops and then the hostile chopper comes back and faces them. Then the chopper fires a few rockets on the player and his friends.
My ideas are the following.
Case 1: The player has 2 seconds to move away with his allies, who move either way to a safer position, but the safer position is in a lower alley so jumping down a  200 unit floor is not very innovative, isn't it?
Case 2: Somehow, when the chopper starts firing, the player will fly way from rocket explosions and eventually land on the designated location.
This would be cool to do, but i don't know either animating or how to do it with script.
So what I ask for here is to tell me if those ideas could do or offer some other ones since you have a basic idea of how the sequence will be.
1934 days ago
Many of you know I'm working on a CoD4 Campaign.
I will possibly manage to finish it myself but then I'll have to do a second episode.
So for that Episode I will really need some help. Is there any casual mapper who knows a little bit more than the basics or even better advanced mapper who has cod4 and he is interested to work on such a project in the future?
If you don't know CoD4 Rooftops Mappack here's all you need to know.
Reply to this topic only if you are interested on participating on the second episode. Then add me on steam (eimaitrelooos or SPi) if you want to keep close contact with to get all info you like for my plans and what i'd like you to do when the time is right.
1941 days ago
Something weird is happening on the site.
Look at this:

What is going on?
1941 days ago
Come up with a nickname for the person that replies above you.

-Don't give someone a nick name that you personally have already given them in this thread
-They can't be rude.
1946 days ago
So Here is the Deal.
MrDunlop4 watched that video i did:

Exterior Design
! No longer available

Interior Design:
! No longer available

Its my Junior High School in CoD4 without any mission goal. Just as sightseeing.
But then he told me to make it a zombie map. I don't think I can handle to make a zombie map on my own, so I asked from him to Cooperate. So I will finalize the exterior and make an interior design of the building, since it's a Real Life place that I was going to every day for three years I know it inside out, so It wont be too hard.

I ported stuff in WaW so it should be able to work in it shortly. The Map wont be something very shiny or spectacular, just a simple zombie map with the following features.:

A very realistic reproduction of a real life school in cod.

Storyline is about 3 students who stayed after school on a rainy day because they were punished from their teacher for disrespect and lack of order. While their teacher and them argue about their punishment they hear zombies invading the area. The place was attacked from Germans during the WW2 so Nazi Zombies are the best to use. They head to the principles office where he has a hidden armory and there is where everything starts. Don't expect much logic in it. Besides when were zombies logic enough? lel.

Junior High School Progress

Bo1 and MW2 Mostly


UMP 45

Special gun:
STG 44 (Bo2)

Wonder Weapons:
Bo2 Raygun

Quick Revive
Speed Cola
Double tap
Mule Kick

Pack a punch
2 Teleporters

All guns should be papable. We hope to make em all. Or just get someone to make em for us or give them ready.
You know I'm noob at zombies, so i mess up with some names and stuff sorry :P

1952 days ago
So I came up with this Chatroom game so we can have more fun in UGX Chatroom.

The game goes like this:
One person will drop a quote that he will pick from all CoD Games. SP missions or ZM doesn't matter.
Like: "Kaboom! That just never gets old."
Then the others have to respond by noting the game, character who said it, and the mission (if zombies then just zombie)
Like: "cod5 zombies, Dempsey"
The first one with a complete and correct answer is the next one to drop a quote.
Keep quotes and answers in "answer/quote" so we can know who is playing.
Following these exact steps should give us an awesome time in chat room.
1955 days ago
Hi all. A Youtuber I know did videos in my language only. Now he decided to do in english and he needs support from all of us.
His channel is about playing games and having fun with shit going on. Its NOT a playthrough channel.
Here is his first English video:
I hope you like him.
1960 days ago


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