Need IDEAS. Out of ideas for a sequence in my mission.

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Created 1822 days ago
by SPi
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Well, turns out, I'm a little bit out of ideas for a sequence in one of my missions.
Anyone want to discuss it and offer some new ideas about it?
Well here's the thing. The player and his friends are witnessing a chopper chase from on top of some rooftops and then the hostile chopper comes back and faces them. Then the chopper fires a few rockets on the player and his friends.
My ideas are the following.
Case 1: The player has 2 seconds to move away with his allies, who move either way to a safer position, but the safer position is in a lower alley so jumping down a  200 unit floor is not very innovative, isn't it?
Case 2: Somehow, when the chopper starts firing, the player will fly way from rocket explosions and eventually land on the designated location.
This would be cool to do, but i don't know either animating or how to do it with script.
So what I ask for here is to tell me if those ideas could do or offer some other ones since you have a basic idea of how the sequence will be.



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