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A 007 style map that u will play as an MI6 agent. Your mission takes place In the middle of London where your only intl is that a mysterious deal is going to happen in an apartment.  your objective is to get to the hotel room right opposite the deal apartment and see what u can find about it without getting spotted. (It is related to cod4 rooftops it is the origins map of cod4 rooftops story , hot ita ll started. its going to be released after the 2nd mappack of cod4 rooftops.)
2098 days ago
Hi all,

Some of you may know im working on a singleplayer mappack for cod4 "Rooftops"
Well I didnt payed much attention on good and well thought scenario/story but i did payed attention to make it epic and cool for the player.
So the scenario is not very realistic (i dont mean supernatural stuff i mean like Soviet union still exists in 2011) but it is good to make it look epic.
Though i have some gaps like some questions that come up to which i cant find explanation.

So the point is that i will give a short description of the story and id like ideas from you guys to help me make this stand:
"In 2009 Six agents from CIA, MI6, and SAS met in a mysterious conflict with KGB in the middle of London that was covered from the agencies. When they met they were all reassigned to SAS and they established a small National and European Security Camp in Western Greece. They were named Task Force 99. Two years later they got involved in the plans of an Evil Russian/Soviet General with evil intentions who had secretly established a huge military camp in an abandoned Italian City, in Sicily. Thus starting a Cold War between the SAS - Task Force 99 and the Soviets. "

So What i want help on is to explain the following:
1: Why will the task force will not inform the rest of the SAS or the UN to help em. ( i want it to stay between the badguys and the task Force 99 like there is no option of asking help from others cos of a danger, i dont know what danger there should be.)
2: Why is the Evil soviet general gathering army and then establishing a secret nuclear base in South -west Greece? (that will happen in my maps, any ideas why the badguy will do that and where he wants the nuclear missile to go) - (i was thinking of an attack in Greece but its not good then i though of WW3 but how to involve the nuke and army in sicily?)
3: Can an SAS Camp stand legally in (out of britain) European soil?

Give your ideas id like to hear em and i would appreciate the help.
NOTE: Our purpose is not to make a super realistic story just make things epic and cool with some basic realism.
2100 days ago
Hey, I did this custom item/weapon in cod4 to be used in one sequence of my mappack that you will have to distract enemies attention to go opposite a road.
Please check it out and tell me impressions.
2111 days ago
Hi. I got an error in one of my maps.
So the map is named intro. every time i change map during in this map
like i type in console /devmap rooftops_a or i do it with script Changelevel("rooftops_a"); it shows me this error.

Ive searched entities for wrong targetnames missing textures etc but nothing. Its a tiny map and i couldnt find anything.

I eventually saved the map as introb and same with script and its fine. But id like to know what caused it.... Any ideas?
2133 days ago
Hi there guys here is an HD with 60fps experience of my 2nd Demo with commentary from me.
2152 days ago
Here is a very old made map that was never finished from my friend TsoPANos who has quitted mapping. I know this is not close to your expectations like awesome custom weapons from Advanced Warfare or super long map with shit load of detail but the idea was good, maybe not from TsoPANos or me but from an other old map called nazi_zombie_tower i dont remember the creator.
TsoPANos Based on nazi_zombie_tower map made Nazi Zombie TowerHouse.
Heres a video showing the map and a download link in the description of the unfinished version i have.
2152 days ago
heres the UNOFFICIAL trailer i made in 6 hard days.
The official version of this trailer will be released with the 3rd Demo.
There are mistakes pliz ignore.
2159 days ago
Hey, I made a building with radiant that is supposed to be a Tesla Reactor. So it alone seems plain. Its basicly two collums holding a sphere. id like that sphere to have a tesla ball arround it spinning as an effect and if possible 4-5 tesla rays from sphere aiming to the ground point.

Some images may get this more clear. Well the building is made by me and inspired from Red Alert 2 (A 2000s Strategy game) Here is a pic showing how the builging looks like in RA2 and how I made it in cod (The RA2 is the small pic at  top right) :   So i guess u got the idea of how the effects should be. 

By the way i made more of these soviet buildings, Id appretiate if u take a look at the pics here (its just a rar with 6 pics in):
2199 days ago
I made a small video of how my school design is now.
Im still making it better and a as close as the real one as  i can
Here are some pics of how it really is:
2205 days ago
Greeting people.

Ive just registered on this site to share with you my work on Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer.
I was about to post this on WIP forums but since its my first post Ill just post it here for start.
Im actually working on a 4 map custom campaign with lots of fun, innovating scenes and most of all: pure action.
The title of the project is Call of duty 4 Rooftops Custom mappack.

You can find a lot of footage of my work in my "Rooftops" channel or in the Site-Blog about it.
Links here:
Youtube channel:

I will also post my latest Trailer. Its a work of one man. Mapping and Video Editing. I hope you like it.

Im waitting for you comments on YouTube and lots of Downloads.

2208 days ago


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