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Hey all. For those who don't have Call of Duty 4 and want to see how good my mapping/gameplay skills are in the Rooftops 3rd Demo, here is a Gameplay video of the demo. If you have cod4 you can download the demo from the description. Subscribe if you want more, like if you liked it, and share if you loved it.
(The quality issue is explained in the description)
1849 days ago
Can anyone help me?
Theres more info in the description.
1851 days ago
Nothing very special, I just mixed the already existing Bo3 trailers and gameplays with Awolation Sail.
1853 days ago
I never played it and i dont plan to.
I watched gameplay videos of Kholat and some guys said it was a prequel of Doom.
Can someone give me a short description of what Doom is about? I m really bored to search it online.
1858 days ago
Title says it all.
Write down how you got your nickname.

Here's mine:
SPi is short and handy. And It has 2 Meanings.
It comes from my real name "Spyros"
And it means: Single Player Intelligence
Cool enough for me ;)
1859 days ago
Write down any PS1 games or series that give you nostalgia every time you remember them.

-Crash Bandocoot 2 and 3
-Spyro the Dragon 1 and 2
-Muppet Monster Adventure
-Medal of Honor 1 and Underground
-CnC Red Alert 1 Retaliation
1859 days ago
So as some of you know, I am not into Zombies YET.
I do a big Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer Campaign Project that i work on alone.

now My question is: Can YAW team somehow make a gameplay of My Campaign once its done?
Can i get  in touch with them somehow?
1860 days ago
Rooftops v1.0
The Deal 2nd Demo
1862 days ago
My new demo is finally here.
Third Demo, Three maps. Stealth, action and sniper cover plus a lot of new stuff. I hope you enjoy. It is really important that you read some of the txt files i have included before you play it. Enjoy...

If link wont work use the inks in the description of the video
1870 days ago
Write down 3 years that you spend and were fun and adventurous
here are mine:
2009 Fallen in Love
2011 Overcame Love
2014 Finished High-school and Got into University
1879 days ago
Write down your top 5 favorite Hollywood movie actors.
Mine are:
1) Ewan McGregor
2) Tom Hanks
3) Jason Statham
4) Liam Neeson
5) Jim Carrey
1891 days ago
Anyone played uncharted games? They're PS3/4 Exclusive.
Ive played it in my friends house.
Its a very cool adventure game that has a lot of action mystery puzzles and good narration.
You play as Nathan "Nate" Drake who is voice from Nolan North.
Nolan North did Richthofen's voice  :troll:
if you know the game, comment how much you like it and which chapter of the first trilogy you liked most.
If you dont know the game just watch some youtube videos and comment back XD
1892 days ago
I tried to make a simple Singleplayer testmap but i have no sound. Why?
in cod4 i just did the basics and sound worked. in waw i have no sound...
Anyone have a clue?
1892 days ago
Greetings all.

I know this concerns cod4 and not waw but i have to address all cod communities i know.

As I have promised the Rooftops 3rd Demo will be brought to you soon. Hopefully in the summer.
Now, unfortunately my friends and cousins who once arranged to do voice acting with me for this, wont be able to assist.
But fortunately I can do voice acting. The only problem is that i don't know if Ill find a good microphone. Besides, if the quality is not that great it wont really matter because it is a custom amateur singleplayer mappack made by one man with little help.
But i cant do all main Characters by myself.  So I will really need your help guys.
I would really appreciate the help of UGXmods members. Four people are needed maximum.
the Characters that need a voice are the following.
-Loz (Main character)
-Pan (Main character)
-Russian Thug (very few lines and requires English with Russian accent)
-Italian Civilian (again very few lines no particular accent just a simple neutral accent)
Your participation and help will be really appreciated. When the required voice actors will be recruited, i will send a package that will contain all information they need to get the job done. All the Lines and dialogues, a 480p video with the all of the demo so he can understand the situations of each line, more txt information and agreements.
Of course everyone who will participate will gain a place in the Credits.
Thank you.
1907 days ago
My new trailer is out. Hope you like it. Please ignore some lags and mistakes. this trailer took forever to render in 1080 30 fps.
1955 days ago


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