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Im using weapons from waw mp and when I put it as a wall buy there's no hintstring and its free (also if you try to buy upgraded ammo it just gives you a new gun).
How do you set it up properly?
I think I have it set up right in _zombiemode_weapons
1419 days ago
Hey folks, how do you make it where when you hold down a certain button (on your keyboard not trigger_use) you'll drop your gun and it can be picked up by anyone?

Double Post Merge: July 07, 2016, 01:52:58 am
I did some research and I know the dvar for dropping your weapon is "dropweapon" now how do I bind that to a button?
1421 days ago
I'm making a new post for this since my original post [] was answered but brought about a new question. how do you make this
There is actually a fourth parameter that you can add in the adjacent zone function in your mapname.gsc that does that.

add_adjacent_zone( "zone9", "end_zone", "enter_end_zone", true );

You have the first parameter which is your first zone, the second which is your adjacent zone, the third which is the flag to enter the zone, but you also have a 4th one that is set to false by default.

If you put it to true, that sets it so the zombies will only spawn in that zone if a player is currently in that zone.
You can just set all the zones to true, and then the zombies will only spawn in the zone you are currently in.

BTW congrats on 20 posts. You are now a "regular" ;)
work for the initial zone or start_zone? (as it does not)
1424 days ago
I looked at the zombie_bowie_flourish file but found damage was blank, and went into _zombiemode_bowie.gsc but couldn't find the script for how much damage it does.
How do you change the damage the bowie deals?
1426 days ago
Im using zapper prefabs but ingame they don't work, I think you have to set up certain scripts for it to work but I dont know.
1426 days ago
I'm hitting the damn 400 fx limit and I've commented out all the fxs on zone_source\mapname.csv
Is there anything else I can do?
btw I'm using harrybo21's perks

Double Post Merge: July 01, 2016, 12:38:22 am
UPDATE: whenever I don't include my custom weapons it works but when I do include them it says ive passed the fx limit
1428 days ago
I'm testing out harrybo21's perks and it seems to be working except one problem, the perkmachines are invisible and don't work

1428 days ago
I followed the tutorial at but the perkmachines are invisible  >:(
1428 days ago
Does anybody know how to make it where the zombies will only spawn in the zone your currently in?
1429 days ago
you know that glitch where if you shoot yourself with the wunderwaffe it makes jugg not work?
How do you fix it?!
It ruins the wunderwaffe and really gets under my skin >:(
1431 days ago
If I changed the name of mod folder in root/mods from the name it was created as, would it create any problems with compiling the map?
1432 days ago
when you make a der riese telporter the teleporter pad and mainframe doesn't shoot out electricity, like in the stock map (Also the teleporting cut seen doesn't work). If someone could make a script that can be applied to dlc3_teleporters.gsc that will make a script_origin placed at the mainframe or a teleporter shoot out electricity (I know this is possible because on the kino teleporters it works using script_origin) or if you could fix the teleporting cut screen (which btw also works on kino teleporters from then god bless you.
1432 days ago
Does anybody know how to make a door that can be activated again to close or make a trigger_use decide where a script_brushmodel moves?
1436 days ago
Whats the script that will make text appear specifically on the bottom left of the screen at the beginning of a game? (like on campaign missions)
1441 days ago
My der riese teleporters work fine but the teleporters and mainframe don't shoot out electricity when used like in the stock map der riese. Also while teleporting there's no teleporting cut scene, just blackness. And yes I'm using the dlc3_teleporter.gsc script.
1441 days ago


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