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*Before going into detail, I first want to say this is my first map. Mods aren't heavy besides a few added extras and of course the UGX Mod 1.0. Credits are under all the pictures.*

- 4 Original Perks (Edited Quick Revive, the cost increases 250 the next 2 times you use it)
- Jogging / Running zombies from the start (Start zone is open enough to run around)
- 0 start points
- 1000 point random box
- Lowered Wall Weapon Prices and Ammo (M9, Winchester, AK-74U)
- Easter Egg type steps to unlock a 3000 point Pack a Punch
- 0 Spawn Delay between zombies
- Longer round switch time to cope with the upgraded difficulty
- Custom Trap
- Auto Turrets

A little about the map:

I'm fairly new to the zombies community in regards to actually creating maps. I wanted to make a map I had an idea for back in 8th grade. The maps overall layout is not great, and the style isn't too awesome, but I wanted my idea to come to life. The map is not very big, I'd say overall a medium sized map. There is some detail but for the most part has an upped difficulty which requires more run room. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this map, and even if it sucks, thank you for playing it. I did try my best to recreate my old idea. Also keep in mind, my next maps are gonna have a much better layout and detailing in them. Like I said, this was just an old idea that I wanted to come to life.

Easter Egg Hint Steps:
Infection Easter Egg (Opening the Pack a Punch)

Step 1: Bring life to the abandon air base

Step 2: Inspect areas which are empty

Step 3: Unlock the path

Step 4: Open the gate

Step 5: Activate the switches

Step 6: Pack a Punch

-The whole UGX Team (UGX Mod 1.0, the upcoming 1.1 version, and tutorial and Wiki info)
-MakeCents (The custom trap)
-HarryBo21 (For all the help)
-Tom BMX (Auto Turrets)
-PCModder (Help with the zombie spawn delay)

1669 days ago
In my map currently, there is one small issue that makes it go from difficult, to extremely easy and that's zombie spawning. For my first and second zones (which are relatively small) zombies seem to spawn at quite a normal pace but once I buy the debris to zone 3, it seems after while it can actually take 5-10 seconds before a zombie will rise out of the ground. I would assume this is because zone 3 is quite big, but I just wanted to be sure. I mostly have all risers (because my normal ones were just standing there, and plus it's pretty open from where I imagine the location of this map to be, which is like area 51 or a restricted area of some sort). Thank you to anyone for any sort of help.
1681 days ago

Completion: 100% (Final Testing)

-Jogging / Sprinting zombies from Round 1
-0 points from start
-UGX MOD v1.04 (With edited Quick Revive to cost 500, 750, 1000)
-1000 Cost for Random Box
-Easter Egg Steps to unlock 3000 point pack a punch (although it'll say it costs 5000)
-Custom Trap (Credit to MakeCents)
-Auto Turrets
-M9 and AK74U Wall weapon costs lowered
-Absolute 0 time delay between zombie spawn
-Higher max zombie limit
-Longer round intermission time (to cope with the intense rounds that you'll have to go through)

A map that goes hardcore. There is open area to run and avoid, but with lots more zombies, it won't be too easy. The beginning will start off pretty simple. As there are only around 6 or 7 zombies and they aren't all sprinting. But by the time you're a few rounds in you need a strategy guide.

I'd also like to add that this is my first map, so it won't be too crazy with mods, but I will try to revamp it once UGX Mod 1.1 comes out. This is also the reason why the difficulty is so vamped up. As my first map, it is quite open. And with testing it is definitely possible to survive in solo and with how much more intense it is, in my opinion actually makes the map more fun. I recommend playing this more than once to at least get a feel for it. 

The last thing I'd like to add is that this map is based off of an idea I had when I was in middle school. So, this is why the layout is not so great but I wanted to actually have my idea come to life. Future maps should have a more thought out layout and hopefully some more mods to make it more fun.
1682 days ago
Just a simple question. I'd like to do a thing like in Kino Der Toten where wherever you teleport (like the pack a punch room), you can be there for a certain amount of time before you teleport back. I assume I'd just change a timer for the code of it, but I can't seem to find that code in the UGX files or anywhere really. Any help is appreciated.
1685 days ago
In my map I want to add more. I like having extras to make it more appealing. So, at the least I'd like to add BO1 Perks. I would like BO2 Perks as well, but I found them more difficult to at the least just appear in radiant let alone get them all working properly. I've downloaded BamSkater's black ops machines and in radiant along with the actual game, the models appear fine with no errors. My issue, is that when I walk up to them there's just a hand with a circle around it. I assumed it was because it didn't have the KVP "zombie_cost" but that wasn't the issue. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
1688 days ago
Still new to mapping and what not, and I have the UGX Mod down and am able to play with that fine. I decided to convert back to original world at war for the weapons and perks. I followed the Installation guide provided by UGX to switch back and so far it seems to work fine. However, upon trying to launch my map, it doesn't launch. Doesn't even load. I've compiled both my IWD and .FF files for the map and moved them. The game just starts up normal and the console won't load it.
1696 days ago
Title basically says it, when previewing the sun in Radiant, my map becomes laggy and everything is pitch black. Although when selecting the actual lights placed around, I can preview them and see how much light they give off, but everything else is just dark.
1705 days ago
So, originally I had an alien text problem but I seemed to have fixed that, although it's the world at war text. No biggie. My issue, is that the single player button doesn't work, and when I launch the map through /devmap I spawn with no hands, can't knife, but can throw grenades, and there's no ugx weapons. The spots where they're supposed to be on the walls, are just white squares. I've rebuilt the ugx_mod folder and used the Project Mover to move the .ff file, and still, nothing.
1707 days ago


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