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Messages - tylerandmoroll

Love the mod, brings so many things to the table for BO1. However, and unfortunate since this will no longer be updated. The only thing that ruins it for me is the teleporting, fire boss zombie. The fact that he takes significantly less damage with wonder weapons, can teleport right in front of you stopping you in your tracks. Feels way too OP when you have everything else going on.
Otherwise, love everything else!
10 months ago
Dude, I love you. This game was my childhood and I'm super excited to play this. I really wanted to make the Complex map during the WaW days of modding but never got around to it. Would love to see ALL the maps remastered.. But that would be some time.. Good luck for the rest of your mapping!  :D
6 years ago
I'll go on and say that my first map was of course not too great haha. I got some good things some bad, but we live and we learn. From seeing the video, I'd say yeah definitely take time on the textures and compare it to the original version if you're doing a remake type map. When you think all is good, make sure to thoroughly check out your map and see if all walls, barriers, pathing, any of that fits well and there isn't any spots where you can see outside the map or have any zombies stop in place and shake their heads. I've been working on music lately from zombie mapping, and it's like when mixing and mastering a song. You have the structure and everything layed out, but now is the time to polish and make sure everything works well (sounds well for the music case). Keep up with making maps! and one day you can do an updated remake of this that reeeeally stands out.
8 years ago
This happened to me because of  a compile error. Go to the UGX Mod Wiki for step by step instructions and help if you continue to get this alien text.
8 years ago
Found a Glitch Spot pls fix :D
Pretty easy to get there if you open some parts of the Map. Hint: The Barrels from the spawn area where you can see Speed Cola ;)

Oops, will definitely fix ASAP. Instead of hints could you be more specific so I can fix the problem directly?
8 years ago
So lucky man. I gotta wait till christmas. I like shadows of evil but it definitely doesn't have the same feel. I guess that's why it's it's own separate thing from zombies. I love the der riese remake so much (I watched lots of videos on it). I also realize that black ops 3 seems to surround zombies way more than you would think. Nuk3town has a robot zombies easter egg, you can unlock a zombies type of campaign bonus, dead ops arcade 2, and the main zombies map plus the bonus the giant map.
8 years ago
I can already imagine a UGX Mod 2.0 or something for this. I say 2.0 instead of 1.2 because, I figured with a such a huge upgrade and jump from World at War it would be an insane second edition on it's own. Either way, definitely excited for this!
8 years ago
I played this earlier and it wasnt that bad with the runners tbh. Atleast they werent Verruct runners and right off from the start. Although map seemed quite empty and there were some models floating. Its not bad for a first map, but could do with some work :P

Yeah I wasn't aiming for super sprinters or anything major. Definitely not the best piece of work, but with the next map I plan on working it will definitely have more work done on it than this. Either way, thanks for playing and trying it out!
8 years ago
Are there some Duft Punk songs in ur map :P  :P

Nope, I totally would add some but I don't want any copyright issues going on.

Good map but the easter egg was confusing as all heck

I posted some hint steps in the description of the map for some guidance. I tried not to make it too long, but easter eggs can't be too straight forward xD
8 years ago
Download is unavailable, mediafire gives everyone aids idk why its a required download host =(

It was just working too :/ Guess you'll have to give it some time before it's up again.
8 years ago
*Before going into detail, I first want to say this is my first map. Mods aren't heavy besides a few added extras and of course the UGX Mod 1.0. Credits are under all the pictures.*

- 4 Original Perks (Edited Quick Revive, the cost increases 250 the next 2 times you use it)
- Jogging / Running zombies from the start (Start zone is open enough to run around)
- 0 start points
- 1000 point random box
- Lowered Wall Weapon Prices and Ammo (M9, Winchester, AK-74U)
- Easter Egg type steps to unlock a 3000 point Pack a Punch
- 0 Spawn Delay between zombies
- Longer round switch time to cope with the upgraded difficulty
- Custom Trap
- Auto Turrets

A little about the map:

I'm fairly new to the zombies community in regards to actually creating maps. I wanted to make a map I had an idea for back in 8th grade. The maps overall layout is not great, and the style isn't too awesome, but I wanted my idea to come to life. The map is not very big, I'd say overall a medium sized map. There is some detail but for the most part has an upped difficulty which requires more run room. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this map, and even if it sucks, thank you for playing it. I did try my best to recreate my old idea. Also keep in mind, my next maps are gonna have a much better layout and detailing in them. Like I said, this was just an old idea that I wanted to come to life.

Easter Egg Hint Steps:
Infection Easter Egg (Opening the Pack a Punch)

Step 1: Bring life to the abandon air base

Step 2: Inspect areas which are empty

Step 3: Unlock the path

Step 4: Open the gate

Step 5: Activate the switches

Step 6: Pack a Punch

-The whole UGX Team (UGX Mod 1.0, the upcoming 1.1 version, and tutorial and Wiki info)
-MakeCents (The custom trap)
-HarryBo21 (For all the help)
-Tom BMX (Auto Turrets)
-PCModder (Help with the zombie spawn delay)

8 years ago
well no shit lol, if i did not have black ops i would not be asking this right now

HarryBo21 is just trying to help. And for stuff like 1 hour videos, if you have the passion for mapping then sometimes it takes time and effort.
8 years ago
If it wasn't for the UGX tool, you would need to go to Root / Raw / English / Localizedstrings and then edit "zombie.str"
8 years ago
The best place for help, maps, mods, and anything else you can think of! Welcome! :D
8 years ago
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