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November 30, 2013, 10:40:29 pm
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February 27, 2023, 07:34:27 am

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June 19, 2024, 10:44:07 pm

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Love the mod, brings so many things to the table for BO1. However, and unfortunate since this will no longer be updated. The only thing that ruins it for me is the teleporting, fire boss zombie. The fact that he takes significantly less damage with wonder weapons, can teleport right in front of you ...
1 year ago
Dude, I love you. This game was my childhood and I'm super excited to play this. I really wanted to make the Complex map during the WaW days of modding but never got around to it. Would love to see ALL the maps remastered.. But that would be some time.. Good luck for the rest of your mapping!&n...
7 years ago
I'll go on and say that my first map was of course not too great haha. I got some good things some bad, but we live and we learn. From seeing the video, I'd say yeah definitely take time on the textures and compare it to the original version if you're doing a remake type map. When you...
8 years ago
This happened to me because of  a compile error. Go to the UGX Mod Wiki for step by step instructions and help if you continue to get this alien text.
9 years ago
Found a Glitch Spot pls fix :D
Pretty easy to get there if you open some parts of the Map. Hint: The Barrels from the spawn area where you can see Speed Cola ;)

Oops, will definitely fix AS...
9 years ago
So lucky man. I gotta wait till christmas. I like shadows of evil but it definitely doesn't have the same feel. I guess that's why it's it's own separate thing from zombies. I love the der riese remake so much (I watched lots of videos on it). I also realize that black ops 3 seem...
9 years ago


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